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Smart phones overview

Author: vip
Increasing mobility requirements of modern society and rapid expansion of modern technologies
give a huge boost on development of better and smarter devices. Almost everyone has a cell phone
but smartphones are different. Smartphone combines the power of personal computers and mobile phones.
In addition to regular phone conversations smartphones provide variety of new features such as
internet browsing, E-mails and social networking communication, Internet banking and bill payments,
navigation systems, watching movies, playing games, capturing and editing photo and video and more.
Unlike conventional mobile phones smartphones have a fairly powerful operating system
capable of running several applications simultaneously.

Operating systems for smartphones are similar to those for personal computers.The main players are Mac, Linux and Windows performing similar tasks.

Apple iOS is the only operating system available for iPhone. Well known featured and intuitive interface and tons of perfect quality applications make this operating system remarkable. Operating system from Apple is very stable and safe. You have minimal chance to get a virus or malware program on your iPhone.However Apple traditionally is very conservative in terms of software.All applications must be certified by Apple and you can have hard time changing certain settings on your smartphone.

Google Android became available on many smartphones, including such brands as Motorola,LG and Samsung. In contrast to the iOS Android allows to change virtually everything in the user interface, add external storage and download variety of applications that in many of cases are not available on iOS. But such flexibility and multiple opportunities may impact the operating system stability and security simply by fact that downloading of non-certified software to smartphones increase the risk of getting viruses and/or malware.

Microsoft Windows 7 significantly improved positions of Microsoft on the smartphone operating system market. Microsoft is back presenting new lines of Windows 7 devices made by such recognizable brands as Dell, Samsung and LG.This operating system has received a lot of positive reviews for convenience,simplicity and similarity to famous Windows interface for personal computers.

There is an intention to continue Smart phones overview by providing additional information regarding smart phones running on Apple iOS, Andoid and Windows platforms.