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Microsoft recently introduced the idea of the service facilitating transition from one mobile platform to another.The patent describing such service has been filed with the U.S. Patent Office in 2010 and published in May 2012

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Microsoft does not focus on specific operating systems but provides an example of transition from HTC Android to Samsung Windows phone.Each platform has its own set of applications. Some of them are pretty similar and others are different or not presented at all. The service described in the Microsoft patent should provide such information to customers decided to switch from one platform to another. The service should scan the contents of the old smartphone and identify installed applications. Once identified applications should be compared with other applications from new platform applications stores. In case no exact match found then similar functionality application should be offered. If no similar programs available then the service suppose to notify user when the application become available Installtion of found applications should be as easy as one click.

In addition the transition should include the transfer of application data such as information about level and status in games. Microsoft did not provide any technical details about how it could be implemented.

Microsoft is currently developing Windows Phone operating system. Windows Phone platform has powerful competitors namely Android and Apple iOS. So far competitors are far ahead in terms of number applications available in their stores. Android Market (aka Google Play) contains more than 450 thousands applications. Apple App Store has even more – over 600 thousand. Windows Phone Marketplace could offer around 90 thousands of applications only.

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