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Samsung Android Galaxy Note 2 – 5.5-inch newest model


Samsung Android Galaxy Note 2 – 5.5-inch smartphone

Samsung Android Galaxy Note 2Samsung Android Galaxy Note 2

According to Samsung representatives the new model of popular Android Galaxy Note smartphone is on the way. The presentation of the newest Android Galaxy Note 2 model is scheduled on August 29th.

There were no technical details of newest Android Galaxy Note 2 disclosed. However there are expectations that the latest Android Galaxy Note 2 will come with large 5.5 inch “unbreakable” flexible display.

Samsung Android Galaxy Note 2 smartphone will be introduced at least two weeks before the expected presentation of Apple iPhone 5.  According to unofficial sources, Apple may introduce iPhone 5 on September 12. Apple iPhone 5 is the main competitor of Samsung Android Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Android Galaxy S 3 smartphones.

The first generation of Samsung Android Galaxy Note 2 smartphones was introduced in September 2011. Because of the large screen it was positioned as “intermediate” device that occupies a niche between smartphones and tablets. By June 2012 Samsung has shipped over seven million units of Samsung Android Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung is currently leading manufacturer of smartphones. In second quarter 2012 Samsung has shipped twice more smartphones than Apple. Apple is trying to limit expansion of Samsung by releasing superior quality products oriented mostly on US customers.

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Unbreakable Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone


Samsung is planning to release next generation of a popular smartphone Galaxy Note.
Display of the device is going to be unbreakable. There should be no consequences in case of dropping of the smartphone on a hard surface. The technology used to achieve such result is not disclosed but it may use recently announced flexible displays. Samsung was developing flexible AMOLED color screen for several years.

The screen of the new Samsung Galaxy Note will be greater than the one in the previous model. Design of the devise and features would be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S 3 smartphone released at the beginning of May. It will also be powered by the same quad core processor and run on the latest Android Jelly Bean. The battery capacity will also increase providing longer running time.
New Samsung Galaxy Note expected to be released in October 2012. The same month Apple is planning to release iPhone5.

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