What is Leikr ?

Leikr GPS Sport Watch - Best Gadgets Outlet

Leikr GPS Sport Watch

Leikr is the name of innovative GPS smartwatch designed for people who likes sport and outdoor activities. Leikr watchesoffer a number of features that include GPS navigation, timer and variety of integration abilities via Bluetooth and ANT+.

Why Leikr watches?

The following makes Leikr watches unique
• High-quality assembly of all components. Development, assembly and production of every single detail of watches are made exclusively in Denmark. Developers guarantee undoubted quality of the product.
• Unique design of the compact watches with large colour screen
• Excellent quality software with impressive integration abilities

Leikr watches features

Leikr GPS watches - Best Gadgets Outlet

Leikr GPS watches

Leikr was designed the way to make it suitable for anyone, not just for athletes. All the best design and quality combined in one compact device. Watches have a quite large screen, built-in GPS navigation, and a huge variety of additional functions.
Leikr watches come with 2 inch Gorilla Glass display with very high resolution , GPS module, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ANT + abd USB. The weighs of the watches is 55g.
Leikr does not just show to you the time and the location. GPS watch comes with a variety of additional features, such as the ability to track and save the history of routes. Leikr may keep track of where and when you were. Based on provided information you can quickly adjust your workout schedule. Other features include stopwatch, timer and ability to integrate with other accessories or gadgets. For instance heart rate monitor could be synchronized with Leikr using Bluetooth and ANT +.

Leikr watches price and availability

Leikr smart watches - Best Gadgets Outlet

Leikr smart watches - Best Gadgets Outlet

Leikr watches are currently available for the price of $329.00