Google Nexus 7-inch tablet by ASUS coming in June?
Google Nexus 7 by ASUSGoogle Nexus 7 by ASUS

There were some rumors in regards of Google plans to release a 7-inch tablet under Nexus brand. Recently some details came out. According to the ASUS representative the company plans to release for Google 7-inch tablets powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor.

The cost of the gadget expected to be in the range of $ 150-250.  Most likely Google announce the ASUS Nexus 7-inch tablet manufactured by ASUS  at the end of June on Google I/O conference. Usually Google announce new products of the company on such events.

Technical details of ASUS Nexus 7-inch tablet was not disclosed but expected to be very competitive and put a pressure on direct competitors such as Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in terms of price, power and value of the device.