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Nano-Pad – Sticky Pad by Nano-Suction Technology


Nano-Pad Sticky Pad - Best Gadgets Outlet

Nano-Pad Sticky Pad

What is Nano-Pad?

Nano-Pad is a convenient sticky pad developed by German based Inotec company by using Nano-Suction technology.

Nano-Pad features

  • The main feature of the Nano-pad is the great stickiness ability on any hard surface.  Both sides of the Nano-pad have special Nano structure that keeps micro-vacuum ability of the Nano-pad for long period of time.   Such pad-lock technology is patented and quickly become popular due to the numerous advantages versus conventional glue based technologies.
  • Does not stick all kind of trash.
    Nano-Pad by Inotec- Best Gadgets Outlet

    Nano-Pad by Inotec

    The main disadvantage of conventional glue based sticky pads is the fact that they quickly become dirty with all kind of trash because of the nature of the glue. The cleaning of conventional pads is not easy and could lead to losing stickiness.

  • Washable without losing of stickiness quality
    Of course, even this highly technological pad could accumulate dust and dirt on the surface. But it could be easily cleaned by using a drop of liquid soap and water.  Nano-pad remains sticky for years with occasional cleaning
  • Detach items from the pad quickly and easily by turning them around the axis.

Where Nano-Pad could be used?

  • On the dashboard of the car
    All sorts of electronic gadgets, glasses and other small items that is not easy to handle while driving. No more distractions from moving items in the car.
  • In the kitchen, office and bathroom
  • Never lose your jewelry and other small items
Nano-Pad in kitchen

Nano-Pad in kitchen

Nano-Pad in bathroom

Nano-Pad in bathroom

How to use Nano-Pad

  • Make sure the surface (dashboard) is clean and dust free
  • Remove the protection foil from the pad and tightly press both the pad and the items thereon in order to create a vacuum.
  • To remove items, twist and pull.

Nano-Pad – Price and availability

Nano-Pad is currently available in many on-line stores including Amazon for the price of $10.

Nano-Pad summary

Nano-pad is a very useful gadget that could be used in many areas by providing additional comfort. The pad is available in multiple colors and could be adapted to any interior. It also could be used as a gift and for advertisement purposes the same way as the mouse pad did.

Best Gadgets Outlet Lot talisman

Nano-falcon – world’s smallest helicopter gadget | Best Gadgets 2013


Nano-Falcon : introduction

Nano-Falcon : World's Smallest  helicopter toy

Nano-Falcon : World's Smallest helicopter toy

Nano-falcon is the new Japanese toy positioned as the smallest helicopter in the world managed by the remote infrared control. The cute and tiny device is manufactured by Japanese company CCP.

Nano-Falcon : technical specifications

Nano falcon is just 6.5 inches in length and has a very light weighs of 11 grams. The helicopter is managed by Infrared controller that comes with the toy. The operational range of nano-falcon is 5 meters. So it would be pretty difficult to miss out on Nano-Falcon out of sight.
Nano-falcon is powered by built-in lithium-ion polymer battery. Fully charged batteries provide enough power for five minutes of flight time of Nano falcon. Built-in batteries could be recharged in 30 minutes from the power source. Infrared remote control of nano falcon is powered by four AA size alkaline batteries.

Nano-Falcon: features and competition

Nano-Falcon competitor | Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter

Despite the smallest size Nano Falcon could successfully compete in terms of flying qualities with conventional Remote Control helicopters such as Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter and Micro 3-Ch Helicopter. Nano Falcon is equipped by dual rotor, can hover and descend, turn left and right, flying back and forth, while it is easily controlled and stable in motion. Such easy control and stability achieved because of built-in gyroscopic sensors

Nano-Falcon: price and availability

With huge variety of RC toys on the market, Nano-Falcon is quite an interesting product due to its size. Nano Falcon is currently available. The price of the gadget toy is around $50.

Nano-Falcon competitior: Micro 3-Ch Helicopter

Nano-Falcon competitior: Micro 3-Ch Helicopter

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