A group of American designers leading by Adrienn Harrington developed unique case that turns the fourth generation of iPod touch to “almost” iPhone.

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The case is equipped with a microphone and speaker and allows owners of iPod touch to make calls over the Internet via Wi-Fi. The case was named MorphCase by designers.

It is widely known that iPod touch functionality is almost identical with iPhone except the ability of making and receiving calls. Adrienn Harrington and group of designers decided to expand the functionality of iPod touch and make it as closer to iPhone as possible.

MorphCase plugs into the headphone jack.  According to developers of the case there is no need to download and install any additional software for iPod touch in order to make MorpCase work. The case works as soon as plugged in and requires internet connection only.

At present the project is at the stage of fundraising.  Expected price of MorthCase is $35. There are also plans to release the case for the recently released latest generations of iPod touch and iPhone. The device will be available in black and white colors.