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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4


Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 release dates

Xbox One has been recently introduced by Microsoft and expected to be available for sales in late November 2013. PlayStation 4 will be available a month later at the end of 2013. Technical specifications on both consoles were published by Microsoft and Sony. According to provided details Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will remain direct competitors in the nearest future.

PlayStation 4: Standard Edition

PlayStation 4: Standard Edition

Xbox One Console - Day One Edition

Xbox One Console - Day One Edition

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: technical review

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Processors

Both consoles are powered by eight-core AMD Jaguar processor. However PlayStation 4 is equipped by more powerful 1152 MHz GPU versus to 768 MHz GPU of Xbox One. As a result the overall performance of the PlayStation 4 GPU is significantly higher than that of a competitor: 1.84 vs. 1.23 teraflops.

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Memory

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come with 8GB of RAM. However Sony PlayStation 4 uses modern and fast GDDR5 5500 MHz while Xbox One uses older DDR3 2133MHz RAM.

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Price

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are currently available via pre-orders. The price of PlayStation 4 Standard Edition is around $400 while Xbox One Console Day One Edition could be pre-ordered for around $500

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Microsoft Surface tablets become available in retail stores.


Microsoft announced today the start of the distribution of Windows RT based Surface tablets through third-party retailers. Sales will start in the middle of December. The company was unhappy with sales of the device and therefore decided to take this step.

Microsoft Surface tablet 64GBMicrosoft Surface tablet 64GB

U.S. and Australian retailers will begin selling the tablet in the next few days.  The number of retailers will be increased in the coming months. Currently, the tablet is available in Microsoft official stores in U.S. and Canada. Surface tablet is also available in online stores in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, France and Great Britain. In the next few days Surface RT will become available in Staples, Best Buy and Walmart.

“Our goal is to expand retail distribution channels Surface within the next year. Depending on the interest of some stores, we offer them the possibility to deliver the device even before the other,”- said Steve Schuler, vice president of Microsoft’s sales and marketing.

Retail outlets will sell have three models of Surface: a model with 32 GB of memory without Touch Cover, as well as two models with Touch Cover and memory capacity 32 GB and 64 GB. The price of the cheapest model will start at $499. This price does not include a protective Keyboard Touch Cover. It will have to be purchased separately for $ 119.

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Microsoft plans on simplifying of transitions to Windows Phone platform.


Author: vip
Microsoft recently introduced the idea of the service facilitating transition from one mobile platform to another.The patent describing such service has been filed with the U.S. Patent Office in 2010 and published in May 2012

Windows Phones
Nokia Lumia 900 4GSamsung Focus Flash 4GSamsung Focus Flash 4G

Microsoft does not focus on specific operating systems but provides an example of transition from HTC Android to Samsung Windows phone.Each platform has its own set of applications. Some of them are pretty similar and others are different or not presented at all. The service described in the Microsoft patent should provide such information to customers decided to switch from one platform to another. The service should scan the contents of the old smartphone and identify installed applications. Once identified applications should be compared with other applications from new platform applications stores. In case no exact match found then similar functionality application should be offered. If no similar programs available then the service suppose to notify user when the application become available Installtion of found applications should be as easy as one click.

In addition the transition should include the transfer of application data such as information about level and status in games. Microsoft did not provide any technical details about how it could be implemented.

Microsoft is currently developing Windows Phone operating system. Windows Phone platform has powerful competitors namely Android and Apple iOS. So far competitors are far ahead in terms of number applications available in their stores. Android Market (aka Google Play) contains more than 450 thousands applications. Apple App Store has even more – over 600 thousand. Windows Phone Marketplace could offer around 90 thousands of applications only.

Compare Windows Phone competitors

HTC One X 4G AndroidHTC One X 4G AndroidSamsung Galaxy Nexus 4GSamsung Galaxy Nexus 4G AndroidApple iPhone 4SApple iPhone 4S

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga


Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Notebook

Lenovo is trying to catch consumer’s attention by the well known and popular transformers idea with the brand new laptop IdeaPad Yoga. IdeaPad Yoga  could  be easily  “transformed” to the tablet by rotating the screen up to 360 degrees. Such design comes with touch screen display and Metro interface of Windows 8 operating system installed on 256GB SSD. The notebook powered by new generation of Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPU and up to 8GB of RAM. IdeaPad Yoga has 13.1-inch screen with pretty good resolution of 1600×900 pixels capable of detecting a touch of up to 10 fingers at once.  The notebook should become available soon in 2012. …More about laptops …

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