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Amazon is preparing to release  5 to 6 new models of next generation of Kindle Fire tablets. One of the models of Kindle Fire 2 expected to come with 10-inch screen. Models may have either 7 or 10 inch display and featured by either only Wi-Fi or combined Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networking support. Amazon Kindle Fire 2 models could also have different amount of internal storage.

Currently Amazon sells only one model of the Kindle Fire featured by 7-inch screen, 8GB of internal memory and Wi-Fi. The price of the current model of Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is $199. Amazon Kindle Fire is still the most popular Android tablet in the United States because of the low price, unique design and integration with Amazon digital content. However there are new notable Android tablets introduced recently such as Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Their popularity is increasing dramatically. Amazon is trying to keep leadership by planning on release of the next generation of Kindle Fire tablets in variety of models.