According to the Amazon press release the company has sold all stocks of Kindle Fire tablets.  They are not available any longer. Amazon did not specify whether Kindle Fire will be back on the market, but said that there are exciting plans for the future. Most likely details on Amazon’s plan will be announced on coming presentation scheduled for September 6th.  There are expectations that the company is going to introduce the next generation of Kindle Fire tabletKindle Fire 2

First model of Kindle Fire tablet was introduced in September 2011. 7-inch tablet was powered by dual core processor and equipped by eight gigabytes of memory. However first model of Kindle Fire did not have GPS, built-in camera and did not support cellular networks. Kindle Fire has gained popularity due to the low price of $ 199 and convenient access to large stock of Amazon digital content.

Amazon claims that in August 2012 Kindle Fire took 22 percent of the U.S. tablet market. According to the company Kindle Fire was the most successful product in Amazons history.

More details on coming Amazon Kindle Fire 2 – next generation of Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

Amazon Kindle Fire tabletAmazon Kindle Fire tablet