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Forth generation of iPod touch got patented


Apple received a patent on the design of the fourth generation iPod touch. The request has been filed in August 2011 and finally got approved. Forth generation of iPod touch has two cameras – front and rear. The gadget also has unique design with rounded corners and it is noticeably thicker and shorter than the fifth-generation iPod touch with a 4-inch display presented by Apple in September 2012. This is probably one of the last patents where Steve Jobs name is present.

Apple iPod models – check them out !

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MorthCase turns iPod touch into iPhone.


A group of American designers leading by Adrienn Harrington developed unique case that turns the fourth generation of iPod touch to “almost” iPhone.

Apple iPod touch Apple iPhone 4SApple iPhone 4S Apple iPhone 4SApple iPhone 4S

The case is equipped with a microphone and speaker and allows owners of iPod touch to make calls over the Internet via Wi-Fi. The case was named MorphCase by designers.

It is widely known that iPod touch functionality is almost identical with iPhone except the ability of making and receiving calls. Adrienn Harrington and group of designers decided to expand the functionality of iPod touch and make it as closer to iPhone as possible.

MorphCase plugs into the headphone jack.  According to developers of the case there is no need to download and install any additional software for iPod touch in order to make MorpCase work. The case works as soon as plugged in and requires internet connection only.

At present the project is at the stage of fundraising.  Expected price of MorthCase is $35. There are also plans to release the case for the recently released latest generations of iPod touch and iPhone. The device will be available in black and white colors.

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Next generation of Apple players: IPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle


This week Apple is going to introduce their next generation gadgets such as iPhone 5 and latest versions of iPod line of products.

Apple iPod touch Apple iPod nano Apple iPod shuffle

Apple iPod models – check them out !

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is planning presentation of new models of iPod touch and iPod nano. Apple iPod touch player may come with large 4-inch display featured by in-cell technology – the same as in case of Apple iPhone 5.

Design of the rounded back cover is slightly different from the current generation of iPod touch. In addition the material of the back panel is going to change to matt finish, resistant to scratches and abrasions. Such changes should fix the scratch issues consumers experienced shortly after start of active usage of the current version of iPod touch player.

Appearance of LED – Flash as in iPhone 4/4S and improved back camera are also expected.iPod touch will be powered by powerful A5 processor that may compete with the latest generation of Apple mobile devices in terms of performance.

The design of the compact iPod nano is not going to change mach and will retain the rectangular shape. The new iPod nano will get the new Home button similar to the one on Apple smartphones and tablets. According to Macotakara , the most important change of the new iPod nano is the support of Wi-Fi. Such feature allowing to sync music from iTunes wirelessly was not available in the previous versions of iPod nano.

iPod shuffle will get minor changes. It will come in eight color options and the price of $49 will remain. However it is not clear whether the amount of internal memory will be increased.

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Sony Walkman F800 – Apple iPod touch and Samsung Galaxy Player competitor


Sony Walkman PlayerSony Walkman Player Sony MDR-EX0300ESony MDR-EX0300E Samsung Galaxy PlayerSamsung Galaxy Player

Nowadays here are many multi-media players available on the market. The most notable of them are iPod touch and Samsung Galaxy Player. Sony plans to release a new Sony Walkman F800 player competing with Apple iPod touch and Samsung Galaxy Player.

There is not much technical information on the device available yet. Perhaps the most important is a software platform. Sony Walkman F800 is running on Android 4.0. The player comes with 3.5 inch multi-touch display and 8, 16 or 32 GB of built-in storage. Sony Walkman F800 featured by S-Master MX digital amplifier, Clear Audio technology and built-in xLOUD speaker system providing high-quality sound. The capacity of built-in battery is enough for 4.5 hours of watching video or 20 hours of listening music. Sony Walkman F800 player comes with headphones MDR-EX0300E. The price and release date of the Sony gadget has not yet disclosed.


Sony NWZ-F805BLK 16 GB Walkman Digital Media Player is currently available

Sony NWZ-F805 WalkmanSony NWZ-F805 Walkman Digital Media Player

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Apple replaces Google Maps on iPhone and iPad


New Apple operating system iOS 6 is going to introduce their own Maps application instead of previously used Google Maps
The application will be similar to Google Maps but should run faster on Apple devices. The new application is most likely influenced by recent Apple’s acquisition of Swedish C3 Technologies and other map software development companies such as Placebase and Poly9. There are panoramic street view similar to Google Street and 3D mode available. Google Maps used by iOS since 2007. In March 2012 Apple stopped using Google Maps in favor of non-profit OpenStreetMap.
iOS operating system is managing Apple iPhone smartphones, iPod touch players and iPad tablets.
Apple iPhone 4SiPhone 4SApple new iPad 3iPad 3

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