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Best smartphone to buy in 2013 by price categories – Part 1


Best smartphone to buy in 2013 :  $650 and up price category

In this blog post we have compiled the newest and most advanced smartphones of 2013. There are more than just flagship products. These smartphones represent top innovations and latest trends in the technical world. So what is the best smartphone to buy in 2013 ?

Samsung Galaxy S4

Best smartphone to buy in 2013: Samsung Galaxy S4

Best smartphone to buy in 2013 : Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the main competitor of iPhone 5. It is the most recent and advanced smartphone of Samsung Galaxy family.Sales of this model are booming. Samsung sold 10 million of Galaxy S4 this month. The hardware of the device is very impressive. Powered by eight-core processor, equipped by 5-inch Full HD display, top notch 13 mpx camera and amazing set of 9 sensors including thermometer and humidity sensor. Technological power is the main feature of Galaxy S4. Design of the device is not that impressive because of the cheap-looking plastic body. However a lot of customers are choosing latest technology power versus to the balanced and stylish Apple iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5

Best smartphone to buy in 2013 : Apple iPhone 5

Maxboost Defender Air iPhone 5 Extended Battery Protective Case

Maxboost Defender Air iPhone 5 Extended Battery Protective Case

If you are looking for compact smartphone with top-end features then there is nothing more convenient than Apple iPhone 5. iPhone 5 has an army of loyal customers and is still one of the best choices even after 6 months after the release. Lightweight and slim iPhone 5 comes with powerful hardware and fully packed by various business and entertainment functionality combined with superior quality high resolution Retina display with aspect ratio of 16 to 9.

However iPhone 5 body is made from gentle anodized aluminum and therefore is not resistible to scratches. But this should not be an issue because there are many high quality defender cases available on the market. Some of them have additional built-in batteries that could significantly increase the battery life of iPhone 5.


Best smartphone to buy in 2013: HTC One

Best smartphone to buy in 2013: HTC One

HTC Oneis a quad-core smartphone with an extremely fine-grained 4.7 –inch Full HD display, powerful Beats Audio system and impressive metallic body. Besides the great build quality, beautiful sound quality of external speakers this model has all the features of the flagship device such as excellent performance and elegant entertainment components including UltraPixel camera. Such innovations made HTC One the most successful smartphone model in HTC history. This month HTC sold 5 million HTC One smartphones. This is the record for the company.

Which smartphone is the best for you?

Every year new smartphones are introduced in the mobile market. Best engineers and designers are working on them to make better looking, more powerful, reach featured and less power consuming devices. Consumers just need to select a model that completely in-tact with their preferences and life style. Regardless of the price all smartphones are designed to make and receive phone calls. Additional functionality is that we are paying extra money for. When selecting a phone pay attention on its features that significant to you. Which smartphone is the best for you? It is not matter of price only.

Compare futures of above mentioned smartphones in the table below. Please do not upset if you did not find what you want. Your phone may either in other price category or is not yet released. In both cases we will try to help you by providing fresh information about new models and other price category smartphones.

To be continued …

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Top 10 gadgets of 2012



iPhone 5 leads the annual ranking of the best gadget 2012 by Time magazine. According to Times magazine iPhone 5 is one of the most aesthetically pleasing devices in the world. Features of Apple iPhone 5 includes extra-large display, high-quality camera and the relatively low cost of service contracts provided by wireless network providers.

Nintendo Wii U took the second place in the list. The gaming console become very popular.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 with a resolution of 20.2 megapixels was appointed to the third place.

15-inch Apple MacBookPro with high resolution Retina display also has been  selected as one of the top 10 gadgets of 2012.


Here is the list of top 10 gadgets of 2012:

1) iPhone 5;

2) Nintendo Wii U;

Nintendo Wii U

3) Sony Cyber-shot RX100;

Sony Cybershot RX100Sony Cybershot RX100

4) Raspberry Pi Model B;

Raspberry PI model BRaspberry PI model B

5) Lytro;


6) 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina-display;

Apple MacBook ProApple MacBook Pro

7) Microsoft Surface on Windows RT platform;

Microsoft SurfaceMicrosoft Surface

8) Samsung Galaxy Note II;

Samsung Galaxy Note 2Samsung Galaxy Note 2

9) Nest;

10) Simple.TV.

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iPhone 5 performance benchmark


Apple iPhone 4SApple iPhone 4S Apple new iPad 3Apple new iPad 3 Google Nexus 7Google Nexus 7 Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3

Traditionally, Apple does not disclose detailed performance characteristics as well as manufacturers of the components of their new devices. iPhone 5 was not an exception. There was no information regarding performance of the smartphone available. Some information about the performance of Apple iPhone 5 was recently published in several internet sources. The information is based on Geekbench benchmark. The benchmark is designed for identifying performance details of testing devices.

According to the test  the iPhone 5 A6 processor has two cores with frequency of 1.02GHz. The RAM of iPhone 5 is 1GB.   iPhone 5 got 1601 points in Geekbench test. For comparison, smartphone iPhone 4S got 630 points, and third-generation iPad 3 tablet  got between 768 to 794 points. Such data confirm Apple announcement that iPhone 5 has almost twice better performance than the previous model iPhone 4S.

Apple mobile devices never before gain more the 800 points in Geekbench tests. So the figure in 1601 is a tremendous result. For comparison the most powerful computer of 2004 Power Mac G5 got 1571 points.

According to the test Apple iPhone 5 performs better then all Android mobile devices.Quad-core Google Nexus 7 got 1591 points and Galaxy S3 got 1560 points in the test.

AnandTech reported that according the part number the iPhone 5 A6 processor manufactured by Samsung. The processor is manufactured using 32-nanometer technology.

iPhone 5 was announced on September 12 and sales of new Apple smartphones should start on September 21. Therefore the published results of Geekbench test could be incorrect because the test was performed before the official start of sales on unknown device.


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Apple iPhone 5 – thinner, lighter, with a large screen and LTE support


Apple iPhone 4SApple iPhone 4S

There were a lot of rumors last days before the presentations of the next generation of Apple smartphone – iPhone 5.  Various sources were describing design and technical details of the new coming gadget.  In general the majority of rumors were true. IPhone 5 got large 4-inch screen, powerful A6 processor and new 9-pin port. The resolution of iPad display is 960×1136 pixels. Although the resolution of iPhone 5 is slightly lower than the top-end Android-devices, the density of 326 dpi of  iPhone 5 display is slightly higher. For comparison, a 4.8-inch screen of the flagship Samsung smartphone Galaxy S III has density of 306 dpi.

Design of  the new model is significantly different from the iPhone 4 and 4S, although it still preserves the continuity. Monolithic back cover is made of metal and used as an antenna for cellular and LTE networks. Individual glass elements on the cover still remained, apparently to increase the efficiency of an integrated antenna.

The device is 20% lighter and 18% thinner than iPhone 4S. The battery was also slightly improved providing 10 hours while playing video, 8 hours of talk time via 3G and keep iPhone 5 in standby mode for up to 225 hours on a single charge.

Apple has updated all regular iOS applications as well as applications that the company developed and promoted through the App Store, such as word processor Pages and Passbook applications. According to experts Apple Passbook took a giant step toward electronic wallet. The application allows to keep all personal, banking, air tickets and similar information in iPhone 5.

New generation of SIN-cards nano-SIM was also introduced with iPhone 5. iPhone 5 is the first iPhone that supports LTE-networks. The smarthone works with LTE providers not only in North America but also in different parts of the world including U.S., Canada, Europe and South-East Asia.

Apple accept orders on iPhone 5 starting from September 14. The sales of iPhone 5 will start on September 21 in the U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Apple iPhone 5 will get full LTE support ?


Apple iPhone 5 -LTE support

Apple iPhone 4SApple iPhone 4S

The most of readers of IT news are well aware about the major scandal that arose shortly after the start of sales of the new Apple iPad 3. Authorities of the UK, Australia and other countries were concerned about misleading original name of the tablet – new iPad WiFi + 4G. The name of the tablet could lead to misunderstanding because it makes impression of support LTE networks on potential users. In order to resolve such concerns Apple changed the name of the new iPad WiFi + 4G on the new iPad WiFi + Cellular. According to some internet sources the next generation of Apple smartphone – Apple iPhone 5 will fully support LTE networks.

Apple iPhone 5 will be able to work in LTE networks in the U.S., Europe and Asia. However, industry experts believe that the iPhone 5 is unlikely to be able to work with networks of all LTE operators. There are about 36 various frequency bands of LTE including 22 in 3G. For universal LTE support all of them should be supported by the smartphone chip. This is a challenge for hardware designers.

It is hard to imagine, but a year ago Apple did not have a single patent on LTE-technology, while Samsung is the largest owner of such patents.  Current situation has changed radically – Apple has developed 44 patents and purchased 274 patents from Nortel and Freescale. In addition 116 LTE related patents Apple owns jointly with Bidco Rockstar. This makes Apple one of  the top ten holders of LTE-patents. The company is well prepared for possible patent claims by Samsung.

Android smartphones with support of LTE currently available in 11 countries and the most of LTE-subscribers are customers of Verizon Wireless.

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