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Apple iPad mini manufactured by Foxconn?


Apple iPad mini manufactured by Foxconn?

Apple iPad 3Apple iPad 3 Apple iPad 2Apple iPad 2
According to recent rumors a new Apple 7.85 inch iPad mini tablet is going to be manufactured in the Brazilian Foxconn factory. Sales of Apple iPad mini should start this fall. iPad mini should be ready to go before Christmas Eve. The estimated cost of Apple iPad mini is somewhere between $200 to $300. Such price will put a serious pressure on the sales of competitor’s tablets. The main competitors of Apple iPad mini are Amazon Kindle Fire and recently released Google Nexus 7.

Apple iPad mini should come with smaller 7.85-inch screen versus to the current version of Apple iPad 3.  The founder of Apple CEO Steve Jobs did not like the idea of producing such small tablets because the size of the display put physical limitations on the size of images and therefore negatively impact  touch screen user experience. There were also concerns about applications availability and performance of such small devices. Hopefully Apple successfully worked out on mentioned issues and we will see a superior quality brand new device from Apple as always.



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Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire are leading tablets in terms of customer satisfaction


Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire are leading tablets in terms of customer satisfaction.

Apple iPad 3 Apple iPad 2 Amazon Kindle Fire

Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire are leading tablets in terms of customer satisfaction according to the survey by comScore.  According to the survey of 6,000 people tablets BECOME MORE POPULAR THAN SMARTPHONES. ComScore asked respective owners to assess their Tablet PC on a scale of 1 to 10. The result was pretty intriguing. As expected Apple iPad got the highest number of points – 8.8. But Amazon Kindle Fire  got very similar score 8.7. All other Android tablets got significantly lower points with an average result of 8.2.

There were also a few interesting facts discovered during the survey. 56.6% of Amazon Kindle Fire owners are women while men own 52.9% of  Apple iPad tablets. Typically owners of Apple iPad financially secured better. 46.3% of Apple iPad owners reported that their income is more than 100 thousand dollars a year. One of the main reason to buy Apple iPad was advertising campaigns and the popularity of the brand. From other hand Amazon Kindle Fire owners bought their tablets focusing more on price and availability of wide range of applications covering their needs.

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Apple iOS6 features for iPad,iPhone and iPod


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Apple iOS 6  is a new version of the operating system for iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets and  iPod touch players. It was announced this week. According to Apple there are about two hundred new features introduced in iOS6 .

Siri voice assistant is built into the new iOS. Owners of the latest version of iPad tablets could enjoy Siri assistance after upgrading to iOS6.

The new OS integrated with Facebook. Users can share impressions on movies, music or applications from App Store. Events from Facebook could also be shared and appear in iOS calendar.

FaceTime video chat works in either Wi-Fi or cellular network. Previous versions of iOS  supported FaceTime over Wi-Fi only.

Apple updated Safari browser by adding among other features sync of bookmarks over the iCloud. iOS6 Photo Stream application is capable of sharing photos with friends.

There are a few new applications introduced by Apple with iOS6. New application Passbook designed for storing of various kinds of E-tickets such as movie and air tickets.  Apple Maps application replaced Google Maps with very own Apple maps. In addition to route planner and traffic update the application provides voice guidance by Siri and 3D street view called Flyover.

The beta version of iOS 6 has already been released. The operating system can be installed on iPad 2, new iPad 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and fourth generation of iPod touch players.

First version of iOS operating system iOS was released in 2007. iOS 5  was announced in June 2011.

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Apple replaces Google Maps on iPhone and iPad


New Apple operating system iOS 6 is going to introduce their own Maps application instead of previously used Google Maps
The application will be similar to Google Maps but should run faster on Apple devices. The new application is most likely influenced by recent Apple’s acquisition of Swedish C3 Technologies and other map software development companies such as Placebase and Poly9. There are panoramic street view similar to Google Street and 3D mode available. Google Maps used by iOS since 2007. In March 2012 Apple stopped using Google Maps in favor of non-profit OpenStreetMap.
iOS operating system is managing Apple iPhone smartphones, iPod touch players and iPad tablets.
Apple iPhone 4SiPhone 4SApple new iPad 3iPad 3

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Is 7-inch mini iPad going to be as successful as previous Apple tablets?


According to “The Telegraph” Apple plans to release a 7-inch version of the iPad in October 2012.
The following details were shared by Apple iMore blog.

7-inch version of the iPad will have the same screen resolution 2048×1536 as the new iPad 3 and will be priced at $ 200 – $ 250. The “mini iPad” is going to be almost identical to IPad 3 except the size of the screen. Sales of Apple 7-inch iPad will start in October 2012. iMore often writes news about the corporation Apple, which are subsequently confirmed.

Apple has already introduced three versions of iPad tablets. All of them were equipped with 9.7-inch screens. 7-inch mini iPad may become a powerful competitor of the popular Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon and other Android tablets.

iPad3 Galaxy Tab 2 Kindle Fire

The former head and founder of Apple Steve Jobs said some time in the past that the Tablet PCs with screen sizes of 7 inches will look like “depressing version of an existing iPad». According to him such products may not bring any benefits to the company.

Is 7-inch mini iPad going to be as successful as previous Apple tablets? Good question. Apple has built a loyal customer community by engineering superior products that often become very popular. On other hand Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Android tablets are pretty powerful competitors of “mini iPad” and have their own fun clubs. In addition Amazon is the leader in the world of digital content such as books, movies and music

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