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iPad maxi vs Samsung large 12-inch tablet


Apple and Samsung are developing tablets with a diagonal of 12 inch

Apple iPad newest version - Best Gadgets Outlet

Apple iPad newest version

According to DigiTimes and some other internet sources Apple and Samsung are going to release a 12 inch tablet pc. Rumors that Apple is going to release the so-called iPad maxi first appeared in the media a few months ago. Back in July, the business newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple and its suppliers are testing the 13-inch iPad. Similar information came from research company DisplaySearch. According to DisplaySearch Apple may release a tablet with a screen diagonal of 12.9 ” and a resolution of 2732 × 2048 pixels .

iPad maxi by Apple in collaboration with Quanta Computer

Apple is working on the development of iPad maxi12 inch iPad in collaboration with Quanta Computer. Current version of iPad equipped by 9.7-inch display. In addition to participating in the development of iPad maxi Quanta Computer is also working on development of iWatch – Apple version of smart watches.
Quanta Computer is the world’s largest manufacturer of tablets on Android platform. In particular, the company manufactures Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7. Quanta Computer was collaborated with Apple while working on development of iPod in 2006 as well as the latest line of MacBook Air laptops.

Large 12-inch tablet pc by Samsung

Apple iPad mini - Best Gadget Outlet

Apple iPad mini

Unlike Apple Samsung is developing large 12-inch tablet pc on its own. Samsung was not able to get desired support on development from Google because Google is concentrated its efforts on development of compact 7-inch tablet pc models

iPad maxi and Samsung large tablet market perspective

Release of large tablets by Apple and Samsung may boost sales on the tablets market. On the other hand the boost on sales of large tablets could have negative impact on sales of other products such as laptops, smaller tablet pc and ultra-books.
iPad maxi and large Samsung tablets have a potential to become a new trend in the market of gadgets. There is no doubt that other brands will follow Apple and Samsung in case of release of large tablets. Toshiba already released the first large tablet with 13.3- inch display. Toshiba Excite 13 has been released in June of this year.

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Chromecast – newest multimedia streaming player by Google


Google Chromecast newest streaming player review

Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player

Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player

A few days ago Google introduced Chromecast. Chromecast is a brand new device for streaming of digital content. The device of size of a flash stick could be easily connected to modern TVs via built-in HDMI connector. Chromecast streams digital content via Wi-Fi from mobile gadgets as well as laptops and PCs to TVs. Google continues to announce low price and high quality gadgets. Chromecast is not an exception. The price of the device is $35 that is times less than its competitors Apple TV and Roku 3 streaming players could offer.

Chromecast streiming player features

Apple TV -Best Gadgets Outlet

Apple TV

Out of the box Chromecast plays video and music as well as allows viewing photos and browser tabs that runs on the mobile device.  Chromecast is a cross-platform device.  It could be used to play multimedia content from iPhone and iPad as well as from devices running on Android Operating System.  Windows and OS X Operating systems are also supported. So you can use your laptop and/or PC  together with Chromecast  for streaming  multimedia content to your TV. Google streaming player is running under Chrome OS.

How to use Chromecast streiming player ?

Roku 3 streaming player - Best Gadgets Outlet

Roku 3 streaming player

Chromecast  is designed for streaming to TV multimedia content provided by various popular services such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV and Google Play Music.  Simply connect the gadget via HDMI-connector to your TV and surf to the website of your favourite multimedia content provider from your mobile device. Find and press Cast button and enjoy your favourite movies streamed to your TV via W-Fi.

Chromecast is broadcast only the media content and not the entire screen of your mobile device, laptop or PC.  The other useful feature of the device is the ability to operate even when your other device felt into the sleep mode.

Chromecast streaming player price and availability

Chromecast streaming player is currently available in US stores. The price of the device is just $35.

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Buy iPad now or buy it later?


Buy iPad now : Apple iPad mini

Buy iPad now : Apple iPad mini

Buy iPad now : iPad 4 current model with Retina display

Buy iPad now : iPad 4 current model with Retina display

Nowadays tablet PC become very popular. A lot of people are thinking about buying a tablet. Often their choice is iPad, iPad is the most popular tablet pc in the world. However technologies are moving fast and release date of new iPad tablets is unpredictable. So does it make sense to buy iPad now? Is it better choice to wait and buy iPad later? Should you keep the current model of iPad or upgrade it? Here is what we think about it based on the known facts and rumours about new iPad.

Schedule of iPad releases

Those who are not closely following news about Apple gadgets may not know that since 2010 Apple released new iPads once a year in March or April. The tradition had been changed last fall when the company suddenly broke an established cycle. There were two models introduced in October 2012: 9.7-inch iPad 4 and 7.85-inch iPad mini. iPad mini was presented for the first time but iPad 4 was introduced 8 months after the release of the previous model iPad 3 originally presented on March 2012.

When to expect next release?

Nobody knows the date of the next release of iPad. However the majority of analysts do not expect the new iPad soon. Apple recently updated iPad 4 model and introduced 128-GB version of iPad 4. Therefore customers should not expect a new model coming in a few months. Most likely Apple introduce a new model of iPad in October like they did last year.

Consider to buy current iPad if you own iPad2

Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 3 with Retina display

Apple iPad 3 with Retina display

If you own iPad2 and do not want to wait until late October then you may consider to buy current model of iPad. In addition to famous high resolution Retina display you will get twice more RAM and more powerful 1.4 GHz A6X processor. However be aware that not all applications support Retina display and you may get some unexpected behaviour of apps you get used to.

iPad 3 owners may want to wait and buy iPad later

iPad 3 is already equipped by Retina display. So the only difference between iPad 3 and iPad 4 is higher frequency of the processor , higher resolution camera and Lightning connector. The obvious choice in such case is to wait until the next release of iPad.

Consider to buy iPad mini later with Retina display and more powerful processor

The same advice could be given for iPad mini model. Although iPad mini is very successful product but the first release came without Retina-display. Retina display is the most wanted feature if the new iPad mini model and most likely Apple will upgrade the display to Retina as well as replace existing processor to more powerful one.. There is no information regarding the release date of iPad mini 2. However it is logical to expect new release of iPad mini together with a new iPad in late October.

Expected features of iPad 5

According to the latest rumours iPad 5 design will be similar to the current iPad mini model. The screen size will remain the same 9.7-inch. However the gadget may become slitely wider and a bit less long. The audio system may also change since some of analysts predict an appearance of second speaker.

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iPad mini with Retina Display?


Recently released iPad mini tablet  by Apple came with 1024×768 pixels display. Such resolution corresponds to the density of 163 pixels per imch. According to DigiTimes Apple is planning to release updated iPad mini tablet equipped with high resolution Retina display.    the device will receive the second generation improved display with a higher resolution. Provided information is based on sources of suppliers of the tablets cited by DigiTimes.

iPad mini 32GBiPad mini 32GB

Although sources do not specifically mention Retina display the most analysts expect that the updated iPad mini should come with 2058×1536 pixels Retina display providing pixels density of 326 ppi.

9.7-inch display of iPad 3 is also going to change. In particular two LED-backlight modules are going to be replaced by one. Such change will decrease the weight of iPad and therefore make the tablet more comfortable for end users.


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iPad mini could be presented with iPhone 5 today


Apple iPad mini – the smaller version of the Apple tablet may be presented today.

Apple new iPad 3Apple new iPad 3 Apple iPad 2Apple iPad 2 iPad 2 and iPad 3 OtterBox DefenderiPad 2 and iPad 3 OtterBox Defender

There were a lot of rumors about a 7-inch iPad tablet last months. The idea of iPad Mini was not very exiting at the beginning. It was not clear why Apple should reduce the size of their very popular tablets.  However after successful launch of 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire including Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 the idea become more popular and clear. Market needs more compact, portable, powerful and yet affordable tablet.

On September 12 Apple is going to release iPhone 5 the next generation of Apple’s smartphone. There is a chance that the company may introduce iPad mini tablet on the same event. According to rumors iPad mini comes with 7.85-inch display with the same aspect ratio and resolution as in the case of iPad 2.  iPad mini should support all existing applications for the iPad tablets. So the use the same resolution like in iPad 2, i.e. 1024 by 768 pixels makes perfect sense. These way HD applications will not be affected.

Retina display with resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels is going to be a key difference between iPad 3 and the iPad mini. Apple is going to follow the Amazon practice and we might see the approach similar to Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD in terms of quality and specifications  of displays.  Higher price models will get most technologically advanced displays. On other hands cheaper models will get more affordable, good quality displays.

The smaller tablet does not need the same frame as his “big brother.” According to numerous rumors, the iPad Mini design is more similar to the iPod Touch than to the iPad 3.

Most likely the price of IPad mini will not exceed $299. This will allow the iPad Mini to compete with other popular tablets such as Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7. It might be a little more expensive. But in any case, the price should not exceed $399  of iPad 2 16GB.

If the iPad Mini is just a smaller version of the big iPad, but cheaper and with a small screen, then who will buy the iPad 2?  Most likely iPad Mini will be targeted for a specific audience, while maintaining a certain set of features and functions – like the iPod Nano and Mini compared to the iPod Touch.

IPad Mini may come with two built-in cameras. Front camera may be used for FaceTime video calls just like in case of the iPhone.

The new smaller docking port debuts with iPhone 5 and in the future it might be used on all iOS devices. It makes perfect sense to use the smaller size port with iPad Mini because of the reduced size of the device.

Any way we will get more details soon. May be in a couple of hours. Stay with us.

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