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Kindle Fire HDXKindle Fire HDX


Fans of Android devices will definitely love this gadget. There are a variety of “smart” watches around but the WiMM is something amazingly different. The gadget uses Android platform  and comes with a number of preinstalled so-called Micro Apps applications featured by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity capabilities . In addition it has built in multiple sensors like accelerometer and magnetometer, usb port and could easily connect to your smartphone communicating alerts, messages and even caller id right to you wrist.  Other applications could be loaded from  Micro App Store or developed on your own using included developer programs and SDK for Android. The battery of the device is capable of running up to 30 hours without recharging.

Hmm… smart phones, “smart” watches… How about “smart” glasses?

Project Glass from Google

Internet giant Google is actively working on “smart” glasses enriching augmented reality experience.
It is hands free, elegant, futuristic looking device that supplies special Google made tiny lens located above the left eye. Featured by internet access. voice commands, capable of making pictures, video and video calls, live messaging and weather forecast notifications  the gadget is going to replace “old style” smart phones in the nearest future. For this device Google developing a sophisticated bionic contact lenses equipped by built-in screen and capable of creating the effect of “augmented reality”, Google developers saying that these glasses will not pull people out from the real world but will provide additional piece of information about it. Their main goal is creation of technological reality “seamless”, which allows you to make use of more natural spectacles. And no surprise, the new device is going to be Android based.

Top 7 gadgets for travelers

Technological progress brings to our attention a lot of new electronic gadgets making traveling much easier than it was in the past.

Here are top 7 electronics gadgets that every traveler should consider for the safety and comfort when planning the trip.

Navigation and communication.

Mobile phone – is your phone smart enough?

Mobile phone is a “must take with you” electronic device. Nova days almost everybody has a cell phone mainly for communication and safety purposes. Some of cell phones have some additional features such as GPS navigation, internet connection, audio and video playback, etc. They are running under control of operating systems especially designed for mobile devices. Such phones are called smarthones. Smartphones provide additional level of comfort while travelling. The majority of them are capable of working in cell networks of almost any country. There are many smartphones available in the market. The most notable are Apple iPhone 4S , various Samsung Galaxy lines, Sony Ericsson Expiria, Nokia, Motorola and HTC Droid models.

Apple iPhone 4S

Which smartphone to select: Samsung Galaxy Android or Apple iPhone 4S ?


Tablet – the comfort of home computer on the trip

Tablets are good alternatives for smartphones. They bring you the power of your personal computer combined with the portability. Tablets have larger screens and more comfortable in terms of discovering places using GPS navigation software and loaded maps. The big screen and powerful CPU advantage is also applying to watching movies and videos as well as playing games and reading books. Communications abilities including video calls are pretty remarkable .However tablets generally run less time on the battery than smartphones. Also they are bigger and therefore less portable. From other side new leading tablets such as Amazon Kindle Fire, coming iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy tab 2 equipped by 7-inch screen and could run more than 8 hours on battery. In addition Amazon Kindle Fire provide great access to the biggest collection of digital content such as music, video, books, etc.

Best selling Android tablets: Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

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First smartphone on Intel Medfield platform just released.

Intel announced Medfield platform, in December 2011. Medfield processors are manufactured on 32-nanometer process technology  and  based on x86 architecture  while the majority of mobile devices use processors based on ARM architecture. The released device name is Lava Xolo X900, Sales start on April 23rd in India.In accordance with the press release from Intel the cost of the devise is around 425 U.S. dollars Other counties will receive the device in May.

Lava Xolo X900 built on the Medfield platform and powered by single-core1.6 Gz  Atom Z2460 processor. Intel claims that the device can work without charging for 5 hours surfing Internet  via 3G or 8 hours talking or 45 hours of listening  music. The smartphone has 4.03-inch display with resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels ,  1 gigabyte of RAM and 16 gigabytes of internal storage. Lava Xolo X900 is running on  Android 2.3, but  is going to be upgraded to Android 4.0 in the nearest future. The smartphone has two built-in cameras: 1.3-megapixel front panel camera and 8-megapixel camera on the back panel. The main camera in burst mode can make up to 10 frames per second and capture full HD video-1080p.
Popular smartphones 2012

Kindle Fire got more than a half of the market of Android based tablets in the U.S.

According to research by comScore Kindle Fire became the most popular Android-based tablet in the U.S.
As of February 2012 the share of Kindle Fire in the US tablet of Android based tablets was 54.4 percent.
The device is far ahead from the nearest competitor Samsung Galaxy Tab .with 15.4 percent of the market.
Motorola Xoom is on the third place with 7 percent. Amazon started sales of Kindle Fire in U.S. stores in November 14, 2011 and in a month manage to get 29.4 percent of the market.
Kindle Fire powered by 1GHz dual-core processor and has eight gigabytes of internal memory.
7” display of the device has a resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels. There are no built-in camera and a slot for SIM cards but it can go online via Wi-Fi.

Kindle Fire is running on modified version of Android and has no access to Google services.
Applications for Fire are available in Amazon Appstore only. In order to access the Android Market consumers should get the tablet root privileges.

According to unofficial reports Google is close to release a device that would be competitor of Kindle Fire. New 7″ tablet from Google expected to have a price below $ 199.


Which phone is better: the latest Samsung Galaxy Android or Apple iPhone 4S?

A day ago Samsung introduced in London their new flagship smartphone Galaxy S III. There were some speculations regarding coming ceramic body of the smartphone but Galaxy S III case is made of glossy plastic. Consumers have choice of white, blue and purple models.

Device is running on the latest Android 4.0 platform powered by 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Exynos Quad CPU. The combination of powerful CPU and Android operating system is well known by high consumption of energy.
Even delivered high capacity battery of the smartphone may need to be recharged often.

Galaxy S III comes with big 4.8” 1280 by 720 pixels Super AMOLED display, the choice of 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes of internal memory and two built-in HD cameras. The front 1.9 megapixel camera is used for the management of the screen light – the screen is light only when consumer is looking to the screen. The back panel 8 megapixel camera is capable of making full HD video and photo in high speed mode. Samsung included the voice command recognition software for SMS, E-mail, player and camera. .

The device supports Android Beam wireless communication protocol. 10 MB file could be transferred from one device to another in 2 seconds. But the feature available for communication between Galaxy S III smartphones only.


The new Samsung Galaxy smartphone  is a good but not very impressive Android device.
The phone has a few new features and enhancements but all of them were expected and therefore Android based Samsung Galaxy S III could not be as impressive as Apple iPhone 4S.

Android phones 2012

The new Apple iPad 3 is cool!

Apple iPad 3 tablet introduces new chips impressing all market players. Enhancing for the third time the processor power, video subsystem, memory, and the main console furnished with a super screen Apple iPad 3 is again number one in the tablet market and clearly ahead of any competitor. There’s no doubt about it.

Competitors are expected to have a series of changes and announcements on their attempts to supersede the power of iPad 3 tablet. However release of their products expected much later and in many aspects already loosing competition even though they offer unique and powerful solutions. Android is close to getting up to full competition with Apple iOS and therefore the choice for consumers becomes more interesting but no less complicated. In addition, Windows 8 devices are coming into scene.

HD display of the Apple iPad 3 was anticipated and expected long time ago since iPad 2. At that time manufacturers were not ready to start the mass production of HD smart screens. Later it become clear that high-definition screens in future tablets must be a standard for any manufacturer. Companies producing displays such as Samsung, LG and Sharp announce their High definition updates which usually leads to mass production in a couple of years and therefore announcements of new gadgets.
Apple iPad 3 retina screen provides unprecedented image quality and clarity. Awesome resolution of 2048×1536 pixels is now not only on the Apple iPhone, but on the new Apple iPad 3 tablet. Many of us know limitations of a small screen of the Apple iPhone 4S. But its screen resolution is better than the majority of large monitors currently have. Graphic designers are shocked by the fact that “non-professional” device could possibly have similar image quality comparing with expensive professional hi-end class monitors. Human eye is unable to recognize the pixel on the Retina screen and the picture looks like in a glossy magazine. In fact increasing the number of pixels per inch does not make sense anymore. Enhancements may go to different directions improving color, contrast, 3D image processing and so on and so forth. Obviously, the next step in the production of matrices, it is OLED / AMOLED and other technology based on organic light-emitting diodes.

The power of A5X – dual-core and four graphic core processors of the Apple iPad 3 tablet is quite sufficient to manage large HD images and videos on Retina display. The memory increased to one gigabyte from the previous 512 MB. Because of all of the innovations the energy consumption of Apple iPad 3 tablet has been increased. While the old iPad 2 battery had capacity of 25 watts per hour, the new battery has almost 43. Increased battery capacity results in proportional increase of charging time. However classic 10 hours work on the battery did not change and you can still enjoy the power of Apple iPad 3 tablet while connected to the network.

Apple iPad 3 tablet comes with iSight camera proven to work perfect with Apple iPhone 4S. This is an excellent camera. The camera comes with image stabilizer and auto focus, white balance and face detection. Of course there is a possibility of video recording in the format of 1080p (and also with stabilizer).It’s good to know that Apple iPad 3 tablet has improved photo and video quality providing full HD 1080p and competing with latest camcorders and cameras.

An important feature of the Apple iPad 3 tablet is the support of network 4G LTE. Nevertheless Apple iPad 3 tablet supports older standard 3G also and of course Wi-Fi.

Design of the Apple iPad 3 tablet is almost unchanged. There is almost no change to shape and size and no difference that could catch the eye. No need for new design, no need for other materials. Why? Because it is very good!

Best selling Android tablets – Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is the first tablet running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich platform and competing on tablets market with popular Amazon Kindle Fire in terms of price, quality and performance.

Amazon Kindle Fire was designed as a simple and highly specialized tablet for the delivery of the digital content from Amazon stores. The price of Amazon Kindle Fire is 199$. It is the cheapest tablet of such class available in the market. Samsung offers Galaxy Tab 2 with built-in cameras and memory expansion slot for 249$. There are no either cameras or memory extension slot available on Kindle. Amazon Kindle Fire main functionality is concentrated on easy and reliable access to books, music, video and other digital content of Amazon stores.

The brand Kindle associates with Amazon and books and therefore triggers expectations of superior quality and easy to use functionality for reading books. Samsung Galaxy Tab does not provide comparable functionality and quality of reading books. Amazon Kindle Fire screen is much better calibrated and provide reach reading experience through multiple color tones, font sizes and types as well as built-in thesaurus capabilities. Many of such features and capabilities are not provided by Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Others are either generic or require installation of additional software. Therefore reading books on AmazonKindle Fire is more enjoyable and comfortable.

One of the advantage of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is expandable memory. 8 GB of internal memory of Kindle Fire is enough only for books but not for movies and music Kindle users can keep their content on Amazon cloud but sometimes local storage is more convenient.

Kindle Fire has access to a large collection of Amazon digital content including downloadable and streaming television programs and movies. Premium account holders have access to thousands of movies and TVs. Samsung Galaxy Tab2 does not have any built-in media player and Android platform currently does not offer one either. However Samsung Galaxy Tab consumers could install flash player and watch videos through the web browser. Samsung does not provide any digital content for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 customers at the moment. Amazon Cloud Player app for Android is free and provides the access and opportunity to buy the music from Amazon cloud. User interface of the player of Samsung Galaxy 2 tablet is very similar to Kindle player but Amazon’s interface is more clear and easier to use In respect of the music the main advantage of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is expandable to 40 GB local memory storing much more music locally than Kindle capable.


Per our opinion Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has some advantages and disadvantages comparing to Amazon Kindle Fire. Amazon Kindle Fire is focused on delivery of Amazon’s digital content and has significant advantages in this area. Amazon tablet is much more convenient for reading books, watching movies and listening music On other hand Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is running on latest Android platform and comes with two cameras, GPS, expandable memory and Bluetooth. Such features are not available in Amazon Kindle Fire.

Sony CycleEnergy USB CP-A2LAKS: emergency manual charger

Sony introduces the new manual charger CycleEnergy USB CP-A2LAKS. Manual in true sense because one needs constantly rotate the generator handle in order to charge mobile devices on the go. The gadget consists of the battery capacity of 4000 mA /h  and  detachable unit with a manual generator. Three minutes of rotating the handle of generator produce enough energy for 1 minute of smartphone talk.  Five minutes of rotating of the handle generates  is good enough for one minute of Internet browsing.  The charger connects to the portable device via two-port USB adapter. It is assumed that the manual recharging needed in emergency situations when there is no access to the power source. The charger has built-in battery with the capacity of two recharges of a smarphone. Expected price of the product is $100.

Leap Motion Leap 3D: accurate motion control device.

California based startup company Leap Motion currently accepting pre-orders for the motion control device Leap 3D. According to the specification device is capable of catching virtually any movement with the high positioning accuracy. Leap 3D providing to customers the better way of interacting with computers similar to the one offered by Microsoft Kinect Xbox controller.

Up to a hundredth of a millimeter positioning accuracy provided by Leap 3D is 200 times better than Microsoft Kinect. In addition device is at least 2 times cheaper and cost around $70. Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox cost is around $150 and for PC is around $250. Leap Motion expects start of shipping of Leap 3D in December 2012 or January 2013.

Leap Motion spent more than 4 years on developing a new technology.The company is planning on hiring more staff and engaging more companies in development of related applications by providing development packages for free. Device expected to run on Windows 7, 8 and Mac OS X.

Leap 3D is a compact USB-receiver with sensors and cameras. The device virtually creates three-dimensional space controlled by sensors and monitor the position of any small objects in that space in real time. The high accuracy has been achieved by introducing of complex mathematical models and algorithms rather than relying on hardware capabilities. The gadget looks like an ordinary portable hard drive. Leap 3D could be used for exploring web sites, playing games, drawing and sizing of maps and similar activities.

To be continued …