Samsung response to Apple iPad 3 – 11.8-inch high resolution tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Apple iPad 3

In addition to 7 and 10 inch models of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2,  Samsung plans to release a new 11.8-inch tablet. High quality touch screen display of the new tablet will have a high resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. Technologically advanced tablet will support of 4G LTE cellular networks and run on Android operating system. Most likely the tablet will be presented in the middle of August at a special event in New York.

Tablets market is currently booming. There were 24.9 millions of tablets of various platforms and vendors sold in the second quarter of 2012. This is 66.8% increase comparing to the last year.

Apple continues to remain undisputed leader on the tablets arena. In three months Apple sold about 17 million of iPad tablets. The company currently holds around 68.3% of the tablet market. The share of Android tablets is 29.3%.