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Google Nexus 4 Android mobile phone by LG


Google Nexus 4 Android mobile phone is one of the most successful recent Google project. Sales of Nexus 4 Android exceeded all expectations. A lot of people think that Nexus 4 is one of the best phones and could successfully compete with Apple iPhone 5.  The huge demand that exists in the world for this model, the authors of the project exceeded expectations, at least 10 times.

LG Nexus 4 Android phoneGoogle Nexus 4 Android mobile phone by LG

Since the release of LG Nexus 4 Google is experiencing a great shortage of these models blaming the manufacturer of the Nexus 4 mobile Android phones. From other hand LG is claiming that the company fully complied with the production plan and Google just underestimated the popularity of the Nexus 4 and therefore did not order enough devices.

According to official information announced by LG, the company will increase the production of Nexus 4 Android mobile phones and meet the increased demand for these devices. Nexus 4 is still on the wish list of a large number of people and this number is growing.  Fist Nexus 4 Android mobile phones were sold in less than 1 hour.  Let’s hope that LG will be able to fulfill their obligations and provide enough Google Nexus 4 Android mobile phones for consumers. Google Nexus 4 could become one of the leaders on the smart phones market. It successfully competes with other modern flagship smartphones such as Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III,  LG Optimus Pro and others.

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Google Nexus 4 – LTE support


Google Nexus 4 was recently developed by Google in collaboration with LG.

Google Nexus 4 smartphoneGoogle Nexus 4 smartphone
One of the main issues of Google Nexus 4 is that there is no official support of 4G LTE networks. However some of the internet sources discovered unofficial LTE support and even were able to use Google Nexus 4 at least in Canadian LTE networks Telus and Rogers. Though not officially declared  the LTE 4 support in Google Nexus 7 is indeed present in a latent state. Activation of the feature does not require any special efforts or skills.

Enthusiasts have demonstrated that despite the lack of running a signal amplifier and filter Google Nexus 4 could support 4th generation of cellular networks at least in LTE Band 4 ranges AWS 2100/1700 MHz.  Such functionality could be activated in the service menu of the device by typing the search string * # * 4636 # * # * on the virtual keyboard.

Google introduced Nexus 4 smartphone at the end of October. Google Nexus 4 is the fourth generation of smartphones sold under the brand name Nexus. Traditionally Google releases Nexus phones in collaboration with one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones. In the past, it was HTC and Samsung. 4th generation of  Nexus smartphone was developed with LG.


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