Apple iPhone 5 -LTE support

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The most of readers of IT news are well aware about the major scandal that arose shortly after the start of sales of the new Apple iPad 3. Authorities of the UK, Australia and other countries were concerned about misleading original name of the tablet – new iPad WiFi + 4G. The name of the tablet could lead to misunderstanding because it makes impression of support LTE networks on potential users. In order to resolve such concerns Apple changed the name of the new iPad WiFi + 4G on the new iPad WiFi + Cellular. According to some internet sources the next generation of Apple smartphone – Apple iPhone 5 will fully support LTE networks.

Apple iPhone 5 will be able to work in LTE networks in the U.S., Europe and Asia. However, industry experts believe that the iPhone 5 is unlikely to be able to work with networks of all LTE operators. There are about 36 various frequency bands of LTE including 22 in 3G. For universal LTE support all of them should be supported by the smartphone chip. This is a challenge for hardware designers.

It is hard to imagine, but a year ago Apple did not have a single patent on LTE-technology, while Samsung is the largest owner of such patents.  Current situation has changed radically – Apple has developed 44 patents and purchased 274 patents from Nortel and Freescale. In addition 116 LTE related patents Apple owns jointly with Bidco Rockstar. This makes Apple one of  the top ten holders of LTE-patents. The company is well prepared for possible patent claims by Samsung.

Android smartphones with support of LTE currently available in 11 countries and the most of LTE-subscribers are customers of Verizon Wireless.