Apple iPad mini manufactured by Foxconn?

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According to recent rumors a new Apple 7.85 inch iPad mini tablet is going to be manufactured in the Brazilian Foxconn factory. Sales of Apple iPad mini should start this fall. iPad mini should be ready to go before Christmas Eve. The estimated cost of Apple iPad mini is somewhere between $200 to $300. Such price will put a serious pressure on the sales of competitor’s tablets. The main competitors of Apple iPad mini are Amazon Kindle Fire and recently released Google Nexus 7.

Apple iPad mini should come with smaller 7.85-inch screen versus to the current version of Apple iPad 3.  The founder of Apple CEO Steve Jobs did not like the idea of producing such small tablets because the size of the display put physical limitations on the size of images and therefore negatively impact  touch screen user experience. There were also concerns about applications availability and performance of such small devices. Hopefully Apple successfully worked out on mentioned issues and we will see a superior quality brand new device from Apple as always.