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Traditionally, Apple does not disclose detailed performance characteristics as well as manufacturers of the components of their new devices. iPhone 5 was not an exception. There was no information regarding performance of the smartphone available. Some information about the performance of Apple iPhone 5 was recently published in several internet sources. The information is based on Geekbench benchmark. The benchmark is designed for identifying performance details of testing devices.

According to the test  the iPhone 5 A6 processor has two cores with frequency of 1.02GHz. The RAM of iPhone 5 is 1GB.   iPhone 5 got 1601 points in Geekbench test. For comparison, smartphone iPhone 4S got 630 points, and third-generation iPad 3 tablet  got between 768 to 794 points. Such data confirm Apple announcement that iPhone 5 has almost twice better performance than the previous model iPhone 4S.

Apple mobile devices never before gain more the 800 points in Geekbench tests. So the figure in 1601 is a tremendous result. For comparison the most powerful computer of 2004 Power Mac G5 got 1571 points.

According to the test Apple iPhone 5 performs better then all Android mobile devices.Quad-core Google Nexus 7 got 1591 points and Galaxy S3 got 1560 points in the test.

AnandTech reported that according the part number the iPhone 5 A6 processor manufactured by Samsung. The processor is manufactured using 32-nanometer technology.

iPhone 5 was announced on September 12 and sales of new Apple smartphones should start on September 21. Therefore the published results of Geekbench test could be incorrect because the test was performed before the official start of sales on unknown device.