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Which phone is better: the latest Samsung Galaxy Android or Apple iPhone 4S?


Which phone is better: the latest Samsung Galaxy Android or Apple iPhone 4S?

A day ago Samsung introduced in London their new flagship smartphone Galaxy S 3.There were some speculations regarding coming ceramic body of the smartphone but Galaxy S 3 case is made of glossy plastic. Consumers have choice of white, blue and purple models.

Device is running on the latest Android 4.0 platform powered by 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Exynos Quad CPU. The combination of powerful CPU and Android operating system is well known by high consumption of energy.
Even delivered high capacity battery of the smartphone may need to be recharged often.

Galaxy S 3 comes with big 4.8” 1280 by 720 pixels Super AMOLED display, the choice of 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes of internal memory and two built-in HD cameras. The front 1.9 megapixel camera is used for the management of the screen light – the screen is light only when consumer is looking to the screen. The back panel 8 megapixel camera is capable of making full HD video and photo in high speed mode. Samsung included the voice command recognition software for SMS, E-mail, player and camera. .

The device supports Android Beam wireless communication protocol. 10 MB file could be transferred from one device to another in 2 seconds. But the feature available for communication between Samsung Galaxy S 3 smartphones only.

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Apple iPod touch

Apple iPod touch review summary


Stylish design,
Intuitive user interface,
Perfect Multi Touch screen,
Superior quality display,
Wi-Fi support.


Some video files could not be played without conversion to other format.
The rear surface of the device has no resistance to scratching.

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Samsung 700Z5A laptop


Is Samsung 700Z5A alternative to Apple MacBook Air?

Samsung 700Z5A is a slim extremely thin but powerful laptop. It comes with Intel quad-core CPU and a fast graphics card that makes the laptop suitable candidate for office and home usage. Light weight, good ergonomics and backlight keyboard as well as its mobile capabilities combining with the long running battery and highly efficient cooling system attracts consumers. However the quality of the display could be better than average for such class of devices. …More about Samsung 700 series notebooks …

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2012 popular gadgets


Fresh article about popular gadgets 2012

Year 2012 introduce a lot of new wonderful gadgets. All sizes, forms and designs are present:
Small and big, futuristic and retro. And all mobile … 2012 popular Gadgets

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2012 Ultrabooks review


2012 Ultrabook models
Reviewed by on
MacBook Air alternative
ZenBook UX31 has excellent design and quality, good quality display, Microsoft Windows platform and amazing overall performance.
More details provided in

Rating: 4.5
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