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Apple iPhone 5 launch in September


Apple iPhone 4SApple iPhone 4S Apple iPhone 4SApple iPhone 4S Apple iPad 3Apple iPad 3

According to the analyst of KGI Securities Ming-Chih Kuo the next generation of Apple smartphone iPhone 5 is expected in September. Apple iPhone sales are unlikely to increase significantly in the current quarter because of the limited availability of components and coming sales of the new model of Apple iPhone. Potential customers may postpone the purchase until the release of Apple iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5 comes with bigger touch screen and featured by a new in-cell technology. Mass production of such displays may take some time and therefore production volumes of Apple iPhone 5 may be limited at the beginning of sales.

Although sales in the third quarter are unlikely to be a record, Kuo believes that Apple is waiting for a brilliant fourth quarter, mainly due to release of new models of iPhone and iPad. The analyst believes that in the fourth quarter of 2012 Apple will sell 55 million iPhone smartphones and almost 24 million iPad tablets.

In addition, there are some expectations on redesigned new models of Apple iPod touch media player and Apple iPod nano. Kuo said that next generation Apple devices will be featured by new technologies such as in-sell large displays as well as well by known components such as A5 processor currently used in Apple iPhone 4S.

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Samsung Galaxy S 3 – ten million smartphones sold


Samsung Galaxy S 3Samsung Galaxy S 3 Apple iPhone 4SApple iPhone 4S
In less than two months Samsung reports on sell over ten million Samsung Galaxy S 3 smartphones. South Korean giant started sales of Samsung Galaxy S 3 at the end of May. Since then over 10 million units of Samsung Galaxy S 3 were sold.  Samsung Galaxy S 3 is one of the major competitors of Apple iPhone 4S. Apple has managed to sell 4 million iPhone 4S in the first three days of sales from 14 to 16 October 2011. Apple is developing the new smartphone model iPhone 5. The presentation of the next generation of Apple iPhone expected in a couple of months.

According to IDC, in the first quarter of 2012, Samsung became the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones and cell phones. The South Korean company produces the phones and devices on Android, Bada and Windows phone platforms.

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6 Tips For Selecting a Right Smartphone


Author: vip
Samsung Galaxy S 3Samsung Galaxy S 3 Apple iPhone 4SApple iPhone 4S Samsung Galaxy NoteSamsung Galaxy Note HTC One XHTC One X&nbspNokia Lumia 900Nokia Lumia 900

It is always a challenge when the time comes to buy or renew your smartphone. There are a lot of various models available on the market. Here are some of the tips that may help to choose what device is the most appropriate for you.

  1. Platform

The most popular platforms for mobile devices are Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows. There are also other less popular platforms but above mentioned platforms have leading positions on the market. All three platforms are presented by giant companies competing on the market of mobile devices. They have similar performance, functionality and applications. Therefore selecting of the platform among Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows is not that important unless you are the member of the fun club of Apple, Android or Windows.

  1. Quality of display

Brightness and resolution of the majority modern smartphones are quite decent. Desired screen resolution should be 200 pixels per inch or higher.

  1. Capacity of the battery

The battery should be capable to keep the smartphone functioning for 12 hours without recharging.

  1. Processing power

Operating frequency of the processor should be more than 1GHz. The hardware graphics acceleration support is also an important factor.

  1. Cameras

No less than 8 megapixels camera with autofocus features is recommended. It should also support good video image stabilization.

  1. Design

The smartphone should lie comfortably in your hand. This is the most important factor. All other design aspects as color, thickness and corner shapes are not that important.

Currently the most selling and popular models of smartphones produced by Apple and Samsung. They are: Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S 3, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung Galaxy S 3 is a recently released flagship smartphone model of Samsung Corporation. Apple has plans to bring a new iPhone 5 model soon. Other competitors such as LG, Sony, HTC and Nokia are either already presented or planning to release new smartphone models. Most notable of them are LG F180, Sony Xperia, HTC One X and Nokia Lumia 900

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Top 7 gadgets for travelers


Author: vip

Technological progress brings to our attention a lot of new electronic gadgets making traveling much easier than it was in the past.

Here are top 7 electronics gadgets that every traveler should consider for the safety and comfort when planning the trip.

Navigation and communication.

Mobile phone – is your phone smart enough?

Mobile phone is a “must take with you” electronic device. Nova days almost everybody has a cell phone mainly for communication and safety purposes. Some of cell phones have some additional features such as GPS navigation, internet connection, audio and video playback, etc. They are running under control of operating systems especially designed for mobile devices. Such phones are called smarthones. Smartphones provide additional level of comfort while travelling. The majority of them are capable of working in cell networks of almost any country. There are many smartphones available in the market. The most notable are Apple iPhone 4S , various Samsung Galaxy lines, Sony Ericsson Expiria, Nokia, Motorola and HTC Droid models.

Apple iPhone 4S

Which smartphone to select: Samsung Galaxy Android or Apple iPhone 4S ?


Tablet – the comfort of home computer on the trip

Tablets are good alternatives for smart phones. They bring you the power of your personal computer combined with the portability. Tablets have larger screens and more comfortable in terms of discovering places using GPS navigation software and loaded maps. The big screen and powerful CPU advantage is also applying to watching movies and videos as well as playing games and reading books. Communications abilities including video calls are pretty remarkable .However tablets generally could run less time on the battery than smartphones could. Also they are bigger and therefore less portable. From other side new leading tablets such as Amazon Kindle Fire, coming mini iPad and Samsung Galaxy tab 2 equipped by 7-inch screen and could run more than 8 hours on battery. In addition Amazon Kindle Fire provide great access to the biggest collection of digital content such as music, video, books, etc.
iPad3 Galaxy Tab 2 Kindle Fire

Best selling Android tablets: Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

To be continued …

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