Apple iPad mini vs iPhone 5

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According to the recent research of CouponCodes4u the presentation of both iPhone 5 and iPad mini at the same time may have serious negative consequences for sales of the next generation of Apple smartphone. There were a lot of rumors in regards of the release date of new Apple iPhone 5 and iPad mini. The most of sources believe that both devices will be presented on the special event in October.
CouponCodes4u interviewed 1873 Americans and ask them to choose what would they spend their money for iPad mini or iPhone 5. 78% of them choose iPad mini dispute the fact that the majority of them (77%) are already own Apple iPhone and instead of upgrading the Apple iPhone they decided to go with the new iPad mini. The main reason for choosing iPad mini was too little difference between iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S.
20% of people who choose iPhone 5 were saying that iPad mini is completely useless and they would use iPhone more often even if they had both devices available at the same time.
CouponCodes4u survey clearly shows that Apple iPhone 5 and iPad mini compete each other and releasing them at the same time may have negative impact on sales of both Apple gadgets.