Anker Battery :  Anker Astro3 E external battery charger

Anker Battery : Anker Astro3 E external battery charger

No one electronic device could function without a power. This is especially true for all modern mobile gadgets such as smart phones and tablets. Gadgets are developing fast and getting more powerful processors consuming more and more power. That is why the battery is one of the most important components of mobile phones and tablets. So what do you do in case your smart phone or tablet runs out of power? Fortunately there is a way to recharge them on the fly using Anker battery charger. Anker Astro3 E Power Bank with impressive capacity of 10 000 mAh has been designed for such purpose. Anker battery charger could be extremely useful for charging smartphones with non-removable battery. More over Anker Astro3 E external battery charger could charge a pair of mobile devices simultaneously via two separate USB ports.

Anker Astro3 E Design

Anker Astro3 E power bank has a slim and stylish glossy black design, customized for Apple and Android devices. The Anker  battery is not heavy.The weighs of the device is about 270 grams and dimensions are 14,2 x 7,1 x 1,5 cm. So the power bank is compact. However it is not convenient to keep it in the pocket. Anker Astro 3E belongs to the top segment of Anker battery Astro family of external chargers. There are other Anker Astro compact battery chargers of various sizes and capacities of 8400 mAh, 5600 mAh, 3200 and even Anker Astro mini 2600 mAh. They could easily fit your pocket as well as your budget.

Anker battery : Anker Astro3 E external battery charger

Anker battery : Anker Astro3E external battery charger

Anker Astro3 E external battery charger adapters

Anker Astro3E power bank comes with a USB cable and different connectors including the old style Apple dock connector, micro-USB and mini-USB and a small bag for the battery storage.

Charging using Anker Astro3 E power bank

Use of a battery is very easy. Just connect to one of the two USB ports of Anker Astro3Eusing supplied adapter or proprietary charging cable. The other end of the cable simply plug into the gadget for charging. In order to start charging press the button on the center of the bottom. In about 10 seconds four LED-indicator will show the battery charge level. Each light represents approximately 25 percent of capacity.

Anker® Astro Family external battery chargers

Anker® Astro Family external battery chargers

The battery is capable of simultaneous recharge of two devices via USB port. However there is a restriction. If you connect two devices, consuming more than 3A then Astro3E automatically turn off or, if possible, reduce the output. As a result charging will be slower.

The battery capacity is pretty high. Anker Astro3E could charge all popular gadgets such as all type of iPads includind the latest iPad 4 and iPad mini, iPhone 5 as well as top Android devices such as Nexus and Samsung Galaxy line of products.

Anker battery review summary

Anker Astro3E is easy to use, good quality external battery charger that comes with convenient set of cable and USB adapters. Weight and size of the battery is not very well suited for carrying in the pocket but Astro3 E compact enough for long trips and travel. There are other Anker battery models with various capacity and dimensions available.