The code of Samsung Galaxy S3 Android smartphone voice command application has been published  in the forum  of xda-developers a few weeks after the presentation of the next generation of Samsung smartphone  In almost no time  S Voice has been loaded to and installed on other Android devices. The application is available either packaged with other Samsung Galaxy S3 applications or standalone.  S3 Voice could be installed on any device running on Android 4.0.  For instance it works on Galaxy Nexus and Sharp Aquos

However Samsung is currently blocking voice commands coming from smartphones other than Galaxy S 3. All voice commands are processed via remote server controlled by Samsung. The voice command requests contains data that identify the smartphone model and therefore could be blocked by Samsung. Third parties smartphones are getting  ”The network is unavailable. Please try again” message while trying communicate with the server. .

Voice assistance was one of the important features of the new Samsung Galaxy S 3 smartphone presented on May 3. S3 Voice assist with managing Calendar entries, sending E-mails and SMS, setting up the clock, the player and the camera as well as perform other functions.

S Voice has multi- language support and could work with eight languages.
Features of S Voice are very similar to those of famous Siri application running on Apple  iPhone 4S. Siri supports English, French, German and Japanese languages.
There were some successful attempts to launch Siri assistant on iPod touch,iPadiPad 3iPad 3andApple iPhone4SApple iPhone 4SiPhone 4.  Apple does not approve such attempts and clear against them. It looks like Samsung will follow Apple’s practice in regards of S3 voice application.


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