According to fresh internet rumors Google is preparing to launch its own direct sales of Android based smartphones and tablets line Nexus.

At least 5 new models should be ready at the time of release of the Android 5 operating system Jelly Bean,

All devices will run on base version of  Android 5.0  without any  add-ins and modified interfaces. This will ensure the fastest possible update of the operating system without waiting on smartphones manufacturers specific add-ons. Expanding the range of Android devices Google attempts to attract more attention to their devices.

In addition Google is going to get more partners in the project. Many experts believe that some phones will be developed by Motorola Mobility, recently acquired by Google for $12 billion. Google may start its own online shop selling smartphones and tablets. Currently the company works through one or more mobile operators.

Google direct sales project will target the U.S. market only, It is currently uncertain whether the project may run in other countries.

The company intends to strengthen control over the retail distribution of Android devices and reduce their dependency  on mobile operators.
There are only a few Nexus smartphones were released by the partners of Google since the release of the first Android.  Traditionally all of them have family name Nexus and counted as exclusive product.

The current Nexus Android Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G Android Phonemanufactured by Samsung.

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