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Top 7 gadgets for travelers


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Technological progress brings to our attention a lot of new electronic gadgets making traveling much easier than it was in the past.

Here are top 7 electronics gadgets that every traveler should consider for the safety and comfort when planning the trip.

Navigation and communication.

Mobile phone – is your phone smart enough?

Mobile phone is a “must take with you” electronic device. Nova days almost everybody has a cell phone mainly for communication and safety purposes. Some of cell phones have some additional features such as GPS navigation, internet connection, audio and video playback, etc. They are running under control of operating systems especially designed for mobile devices. Such phones are called smarthones. Smartphones provide additional level of comfort while travelling. The majority of them are capable of working in cell networks of almost any country. There are many smartphones available in the market. The most notable are Apple iPhone 4S , various Samsung Galaxy lines, Sony Ericsson Expiria, Nokia, Motorola and HTC Droid models.

Apple iPhone 4S

Which smartphone to select: Samsung Galaxy Android or Apple iPhone 4S ?


Tablet – the comfort of home computer on the trip

Tablets are good alternatives for smart phones. They bring you the power of your personal computer combined with the portability. Tablets have larger screens and more comfortable in terms of discovering places using GPS navigation software and loaded maps. The big screen and powerful CPU advantage is also applying to watching movies and videos as well as playing games and reading books. Communications abilities including video calls are pretty remarkable .However tablets generally could run less time on the battery than smartphones could. Also they are bigger and therefore less portable. From other side new leading tablets such as Amazon Kindle Fire, coming mini iPad and Samsung Galaxy tab 2 equipped by 7-inch screen and could run more than 8 hours on battery. In addition Amazon Kindle Fire provide great access to the biggest collection of digital content such as music, video, books, etc.
iPad3 Galaxy Tab 2 Kindle Fire

Best selling Android tablets: Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

To be continued …

Best Gadgets Outlet Lot talisman

Is 7-inch mini iPad going to be as successful as previous Apple tablets?


According to “The Telegraph” Apple plans to release a 7-inch version of the iPad in October 2012.
The following details were shared by Apple iMore blog.

7-inch version of the iPad will have the same screen resolution 2048×1536 as the new iPad 3 and will be priced at $ 200 – $ 250. The “mini iPad” is going to be almost identical to IPad 3 except the size of the screen. Sales of Apple 7-inch iPad will start in October 2012. iMore often writes news about the corporation Apple, which are subsequently confirmed.

Apple has already introduced three versions of iPad tablets. All of them were equipped with 9.7-inch screens. 7-inch mini iPad may become a powerful competitor of the popular Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon and other Android tablets.

iPad3 Galaxy Tab 2 Kindle Fire

The former head and founder of Apple Steve Jobs said some time in the past that the Tablet PCs with screen sizes of 7 inches will look like “depressing version of an existing iPad». According to him such products may not bring any benefits to the company.

Is 7-inch mini iPad going to be as successful as previous Apple tablets? Good question. Apple has built a loyal customer community by engineering superior products that often become very popular. On other hand Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Android tablets are pretty powerful competitors of “mini iPad” and have their own fun clubs. In addition Amazon is the leader in the world of digital content such as books, movies and music

Best Gadgets Outlet Lot talisman

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 review


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 vs Amazon Kindle Fire

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2has some advantages and disadvantages comparing to Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Amazon Kindle Fire is focused on delivery of Amazon’s digital content and outperform Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in this area. Amazon tablet is more convenient for reading books, watching movies and listening music On other hand Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is running on latest Android platform and comes with two cameras, GPS, expandable memory and Bluetooth. Such features are not available in Amazon Kindle Fire.

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