Apple iPad mini original model 5th generation of iPad tablet iPad 5 may be introduced to public in 4th quarter 2013. Recent release of 128GB iPad 4 significantly drop chances of the spring release of iPad 5.

Most of experts were expecting 5th generation of iPad tablets to be introduced in the spring of 2013. But facts of rapid grow of sales of iPad mini and release of 128GB iPad 4 changed their mind. Currently the majority of them expect the release of iPad 5 tablet no earlier than the fall of 2013.

It looks like Apple is back to the annual update circle of iPad tablets. Same update circle is applicable to iPhone smartphones.

New iPad 5 could be presented with new IPad mini 2. Second generation iPad mini 2 tablet may come with Retina display. In addition, at the same time, Apple may release production version of their mobile operating system iOS 7.

Currently all new Apple devices including 4th generation of iPad, iPad mini tablets and iPhone 5 smartphone are equipped by new lightning connector.