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iPad Air sales started on November 1st.


Sales of the newest full-size Apple iPad Air tablet started on Friday, November 1st. The new apple tablet is thinner and lighter than the previous model of iPad. There are also some improvements on design, processor, battery and cameras.

iPad Air Price

The price range for the newest Apple iPad tablet is between $499 to $929 depending on their internal memory capacity as well as networking capabilities.
The cost of Wi-Fi only iPad Air with 16GB of internal memory starts from $499.  The price tag starts from $629 on models equipped by additional cellular module.

iPad Air image from the official Apple site.

iPad Air Technical Details

Apple introduced iPad Air the newest generation of iPad  last week. It is a fifth generation of Apple full size 9.7- inch tablet.

iPad Air Design

The design of iPad 5 is similar to the one iPad-mini has. The frame around the screen of the table become thinner changing the gadget look to more compact.  Glass touch screen of the previous iPad model was replaced by GF2 film based touch screen.  As a results of the innovation  the body of 5th generation of  Apple tablet become thinner 7.5 mm vs 9.4 mm and the overall weight decrease  from 652g to 453g

iPad Air colors

Newest iPad will be available in white, silver and dark gray colors. Currently there is no plans to release iPad Air in golden color as it was with iPhone 5S.

iPad Air processor and display

The new device come with famous 9.7 inches high resolution Retina display.  New A7 64-biy processor was designed keeping the new iPad generation in mind and therefore we could expect superior graphics performance of the gadget. A7 processor was introduced with iPhone 5S. However it did not have a chance to demonstrate the full power due to the screen size limitations of iPone 5S.

iPad Air Battery

According to Apple the battery life of iPad Air is about 10 hours. Those who already had worked with the new gadget noted the power of batteries. The most of experts claiming that the gadget could work 12 to 13 hours with enabled Wi-Fi.

iPad Air Camera

iPad Air come with improved  5 megapixel iSight camera.

iPad Air other details

The tablet is available with the various range of internal storage starting from 16GB  and up to 128 GB.

iPad Air Accessories

MoKo Apple iPad Air Case  - Best Gadgets Outlet

MoKo Apple iPad Air Case

IPad Air tablets were just released for the sale but there are tons of accessories already available for them. Here are two of them that are ranked #1 on Amazon Best Sellers list. They are :

  • MoKo Apple iPad Air Case – Slim-Fit Case with Stand for 5th Generation of Apple Tablets
  • Apple iPad Air (Apple iPad 5) Screen Protector


Apple iPad Air (Apple iPad 5) Screen Protector

Apple iPad Air (Apple iPad 5) Screen Protector

Best Gadgets Outlet Lot talisman

LG 4-core flagship smartphone powered by Snapdragon S4 Pro


LG develop a flagship smartphone powered by 4-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor

LG Viper 4G Android PhoneLG Spectrum 4G Android Phone LG Spectrum 4G Android PhoneLG Spectrum 4G Android Phone LG DoublePlay 4G Android PhoneLG DoublePlay 4G Android Phone
Current LG 4G Android Phones

According to Qualcomm their hardware platform Snapdragon S4 Pro will be used for LG flagship smartphone. Snapdragon S4 Pro platform combines four processing cores and Adreno 320 graphics accelerator. The platform supports 3D-content, full HD (1080p) video, 8-channel (7.1) audio and cameras with resolutions up to 20 megapixels.
The new LG flagship smartphone will focus on the global market. It will support 3G networks and services as well as the fourth-generation 4G LTE networks. LG already started manufacturing of their flagship 4-core smartphones. Device should be available to consumers in September.
There are not much technical details on the smartphone available. It is expected that the device will get a 4.7-inch True HD-IPS high-quality touch display, 2 GB of RAM and a 13 megapixels camera.
Most likely LG flagship smartphone will run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Best Gadgets Outlet Lot talisman

Top 7 gadgets for travelers – Part 2


Electronic book readers – favorite books and important documents in one compact device.

Amazon Kindle Touch 3GAmazon Kindle TouchNook Simple TouchNook Simple Touch

New generation of electronic book readers could make travelers life more comfortable by providing instant access to favorite books, personal, travel and business  documents.  The majority of them are capable to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi but only few of them could connect through 3G cellular network. The most notable electronic book readers are Amazon Kindle Touch and Nook Simple Touch. Both of them equipped by convenient touch screens and very light and compact. Powered by E-ink technology electronic book readers could run incredibly long  time on one charge. For instance Amazon Kindle Touch could run up to 2 months on single battery charge with wireless off and half an hour reading per day.  Taking into account massive selection of books, text to speech and 3G connectivity capabilities Amazon Kindle Touch definitely deserves leading positions on the electronic book readers market.   In addition to above mentioned Amazon Kindle have experimental but working web browser, supports  audio books and MP3  and most importantly 3G model of the device  provides internet connectivity via 3G for free. No contracts and no monthly fees and it does work GLOBALLY. It is extremely important feature for frequent global travelers. You can download your books and documents anytime, anywhere.  Electronic book readers are especially good on beach vacation. The latest E-ink screens provide superior quality reading experience on light and sunny places – no eye strain or glare.

 Top Electronic Book Readers

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