Raspberry Pi micro computer is powered by 700 MHz Broadcom BCM2835 ARM11 processor. A while ago advanced users started experiments in order to increase frequency of the processor. Up to the last moment the Raspberry Pi Foundation did not supported such experiments because it could potentially damage the processor and void the user’s warranty.

Raspberry PI micro computerRaspberry PI micro computer

However a few days ago the manufacturer of Raspberry Pi officially approved the use of the turbo mode that allows to overclock the CPU without voiding the warranty on the micro-computer. Turbo mode offers 5 different presets increasing CPU frequency of up to 1 GHz delivering up to 50 percent better performance.
The temperature of CPU does not go higher than 85° C even while running at the highest possible frequency and therefore does not cause damage to the Raspberry PI micro-computer.
Turbo mode is included in the latest version of Raspbian operating system as a new feature. There is a new widget controlling temperature and frequency and monitoring the status of the processor. In addition the new version of OS also has improved WiFi connectivity and audio support.