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On February 18, 2013
Last modified:February 18, 2013


OtterBox Defender cases for newest iPhone and iPad provide first class protection for Apple gadgets and become one of the best seller of Apple accessories.

Otterbox is the manufacturer of one of the best protective accessories for mobile devices. The company recently introduced a new series of protective cases under the name of OtterBox Defender designed for the newest generation of iPad and iPhone, i.e. iPad 4 and iPhone 5. The main priority of OtterBox Defender cases remains the first-class protection of mobile devices.

OtterBox Defender Case with Screen Protector and Stand for the New iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad2

OtterBox Defender for new iPad with standOtterBox Defender Case for new iPad IV
Modern touch screen mobile devices provide to consumers a lot of useful features and functionality. But they also bring some headache in regards of their protection. In the most of cases mobile devices are quite fragile and their design does not include proper protection. Taking into account   the cost of modern electronic gadgets the physical protection of such devices become a priority.

Apple gadgets such as iPad tablets, iPhone and iPod devices are not an exception. Fortunately there are other companies taking care of such a headache. For instance OtterBox offers OtterBox Defender cases for iPad tablets and iPhone snartphones. OtterNox Defender is made of polycarbonate and consists of two parts protecting the screen and the body of the device. The case fro iPad does not restrict the usage of the tablet in any way and allows connection to the docking station. The case could also serve as a stand for watching movies.

Best price on OtterBox DefenderCase for iPad $43.41 at the moment

OtterBox Defender case provides one of the best protection for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S/4

OtterBox Defender case for iPhone 5 OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4S

New OtterBox Defender provides superior protection of iPhone 5. The protection of OtterBox Defender is based on two main security features: internal protective shell of durable plastic and sturdy rubber coating on top. OtterBox Defender protects iPhone 5 again scratches, drops and other incidents.

Features of Otterbox Defender for iPhone 5 include:

  • Protective transparent plastic cover for the display. The cover does not affect the work with MultiTouch display.
  • All visible nests of iPhone 5 are protected by easily adjustable dampers with special rubber outer covers.
  • Equipped with a holder for the belt, which can also be used as a stand for watching HD videos on the big screen of iPhone 5.

Otterbox Defender case adds some extra thickness to iPhone 5 but it is justified by the level of cafety provided. Benefits of the Otterbox Defender case are obvious when the iPone is used in unfriendly environment with the high risk of damage of the mobile phone. OtterBox Defender case is highly recommended for iPhone 5 owners who are frequent travelers or involved in sports and/or other physical activities.

The only drawback to using Otterbox Defender is a bit complicated and annoying process of extracting the iPhone 5 out of the plastic case.

Please note that OtterBox Defender does not save Apple devices from moisture.

What to do if the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch fell into the water.

We all know how sensitive electronic devices are to water. Apple mobile devices are not an exception. Dropping the device into the water almost always leads to technical issues. Here are a few simple advises that could minimize the risk of serious damage of the device.

  • First of all try to get you devise out from water as soon as possible.
  • DO NOT TRY TO CHECK IF THE DEVICE IS STILL OPERABLE. Immediately remove the battery from the device.
  • Try to dry the device but be careful and do not speed up the process. Yes you can use your hair dryer but with sense. Overheating is also negatively impact electronic devices and definitely could damage your device.
  •   Take some additional steps to eliminate the moisture from your device. Even such exotic ideas as covering your device by rice may work. Rice is very well known by the ability to absorb the moisture. So if you do not have any other moisture absorbers such as silicon than try rice that could be easily found in almost every kitchen. Keep in mind that moisture absorption may take a long time.

Despite all the above precautions your device may not work like it did before.

OtterBox Defender cases for newest iPhone and iPad provide first class protection for Apple gadgets and become one of the best seller of Apple accessories.