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Review of: Newest iPhone
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On May 7, 2013
Last modified:May 14, 2013


Newest iPhone and customers expectations: rumors, speculations and the truth about the newest iPhone model

Despite the fact that the iPhone has a very strong position in the premium segment of the smartphone market, it is worth to remember that this position could be easily lost. Smartphones are known as quickly developing devices. The life cycle of new smartphones is constantly dropping gown. People are changing smartphones more often due to the constantly increasing variety of devices offering new features and attractive prices.

Newest iPhone: the truth

Speaking of the iPhone, we should remember that Apple always was pretty much conservative on release dates of new devices and never tried to make any sudden movements. Update cycles of Apple products are reasonably predictable. Such policy helps on keeping the value of existing Apple gadgets. Previous models of Apple iPhone, iPad and other devices are still valuable even after 2-3 years from the date of purchase. Therefore the price on older models of Apple devices is dropping slowly.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 - Click on image to Buy

Apple has a large army of loyal consumers of their products. From one hand it is very good but from other hand it puts a lot of pressure on developing of new devices. Customers are expecting that Apple will in general follow previous design and technical solutions and at the same time develop superior devices using all modern innovation available on the market. However, Apple managed engineering of their devices the way that the demand for each new generation of Apple gadgets is growing very strongly.

Apple is very reputable and great innovative company. In many cases the company develops amazing devices using incredible technology. Apple iPhone always has a lot of attention and therefore triggers a lot of rumors in regards of the next generation of iPhone.

Rumors and speculations about the newest iPhone

Multiple versions of iPhone

Some of analytics believe that Apple may release at least three different versions of newest iPhone. In principle it is possible but goes not in a line with Apple policies. Several years Apple inspires consumers that they need to have just two mobile devices: iPhone and iPad. The word “choice” is not about the Apple. The company strategy is based on the mantra that customers do not need to select anything. They just have to buy the latest smartphone and tablet from Apple. This way people are get used to the company products and become loyal customers.

iPhone 4S

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Security enhancement

Rumors that Apple has built into iPhone fingerprint scanner combined with the Home button sounds much better. Such feature could be developed for the security enhancement in respond to critics of iOS security. Such feature is widely expected by public and corporate sectors of the market.

Quad-core CPU

And convincing the rumors that the next iPhone may be running the quad-core A7. In this area, Apple has accumulated a lot of experience and expertise, and we can quite confidently expect that this processor will set a new performance record for smartphones and tablets, which will provide a strong argument defenders of the established style of the company.
Newest iPhone with plastic body and in variety of colors
There are also other speculations that the new release of the iPhone may come in a cheap plastic case and in a variety of colors. Such trend was introduced by Nokia in 2011 and currently supported by many manufacturers. It is quite simple and cheap way to visually diversify iPhone models. However Apple may not follow this trend because of the focus on premium segment. Cheap plastic case does not correlate well with the premium segment.

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 factory unlocked - click on image to Buy

Camera improvement

There are also quite reasonable expectations on improvement of cameras. According to the majority of experts, the camera of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S successfully compete with any competitors’ models, including, most notably, Samsung and Nokia. In this context, a rumor about a new flash light with two types of LEDs sounds quite reasonable.

Budget iPhone

Another fertile ground for rumors is a budget smartphone, made from cheap materials. Apple is always focused on the premium segments of high class devices. It is true for both smart phones and tablet pc.
Release of the badget smartphone may help to compete with rapidly growing Android based devices. But such a device may negatively impact sales of premium class Apple devices. The reputation of the premium class manufacturer helps Apple to lead on the market of expensive smartphones.
Release of the budget iPhone may destroy Appleā€™s price strategy. Prices on all other Apple devices will remain high in contrast with the budget version. Such misbalance will definitely impact sales of premium Apple devices.
Taking into account all of the above mentioned it is unlikely that Apple will take such risk. The release of iPad mini just confirmed that this is not very good strategy for the company. iPad mini sales are growing but sales of the original iPad is dropping down quickly reducing the profitability.

Newest iPhone and customers expectations: rumors, speculations and the truth about the newest iPhone model