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Review of: iPad mini
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On March 7, 2013
Last modified:March 13, 2013


iPad mini is attractively designed , thin and light and very well balanced tablet pc

iPad mini price overview: Why iPad mini price is higher than expected?

Why iPad mini price is higher than expected? The answer is simple and complex at the same time.
iPad mini price tracker
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iPad mini competitors

At the time of the release of iPad mini there were 3 major competitors of the tablet namely Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.  All of mentioned competitor tablets were running on Android platform. Some of them had better displays in terms of ppi and resolution while others more powerful quad-core processors. However neither one of them was designed and balanced good enough for modern tablet pc customers. The main issues of mentioned Android tablets were lack of available software adopted for tablets, lack of cameras and far from perfect battery time.

iPad mini features

Apple introduced very attractively designed iPad mini. The design make impression that iPad mini is significantly larger than competitors but thinner and lighter at the same time. The tablet has a lot of available applications developed for the iPad mini specific screen resolution. And the last but not least processor, graphics system and applications have an excellent balance that make iPad mini consuming much less power than competitors and therefore running longer time on the battery. Apple brand was also taken into consideration while pricing iPad mini.

iPad mini price

A lot of people recognize Apple brand and their achievements in development of extraordinary attractive and well balanced mobile devices.  iPad and iPhone are very popular. iPad mini is extremely popular too.  Customers are ready to pay some extra money for excellence. The popularity of iPad mini and sales number is proving previous sentence.

iPad mini Retina new features.

Since the release date there were some rumors about iPad mini with Retina display.  Expectations are very high and Apple may not just ignore them. Exact changes to hardware of next generation iPad mini  remain unknown. However it is logical that Apple may try to upgrade display to Retina as well as develop more powerful processor for iPad mini Retina. First version of Apple iPad mini is powered by well known processor that was designed for iPad 2 in 2011.  The majority of analysts expect new iPad mini to be released in fourth quarter 2013. So Apple has enough time to bring excellent more powerful gadget with Retina display and good battery life.

According to some Apple suppliers some test samples of new Retina display for Apple iPad mini have higher resolution and Ppi than existing iPad 4. Resolution of such displays is as high as 2048×1536 pixels with 324 Ppi densities. For contrast the latest iPad  4 with Retina display has density of 264 pixels per inch.

iPad mini price expectations.

Apple may keep the same iPad mini price as for the first generation of iPad mini. This means that the price of 16GB Wi-Fi model of iPad mini 2 could be  $329, 32 GB model – $429 and 64 GB model – $529. Wi-Fi + Cellurar models of iPad mini 2 may cost $459, $559 and $659 for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models respectively. If Apple decide to introduce iPad mini with 128 GB of internal memory then the price of such model could be $759.

iPad mini price summary

Excellence cost money. If you want to get originally designed and well balanced brand name mobile device then Apple iPad mini price should not be an issue. Although some people may think that iPad mini price is high others do not mind to pay some extra money for enjoying best in class mini tablet pc functionality.

iPad mini is attractively designed , thin and light and very well balanced tablet pc