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Next Generation Kindle Fire vs newest Nexus 7


Next Generation Kindle Fire review

Kindle Fire current model: Next Generation Kindle Fire is coming

Kindle Fire current model - $159

Next generation of Kindle Fire tablets by Amazon is under development and coming soon. The company concentrates on all aspects of the tablets in order to be able to compete with the current leader Google Nexus 7.

Second generation of Nexus 7 has been released a few days ago. The tablet come with impressive hardware improvements, runs of the latest version of Android operating system and has competitive price that is just slightly higher than the price of the very successful previous model.

Newest Kindle Fire tablet: Hardware and price expectations

Next Generation Kindle Fire seems to be ready to compete with the latest Nexus 7. According to the latest information from various internet sources newest Kindle Fire tablets may have better hardware than newest Nexus 7. In addition Amazon may keep the price for new tables the same as of low price of previous models starting from $199.
Here are some technical details about next generation of Kindle Fire tablets.

Next Generation Kindle Fire technical specification

Newest Kindle Fire specs

Next Generation Kindle Fire expected to come with new look and feel. 7-inch model of new Kindle Fire is powered by quad-core 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and graphic accelerator Adreno 330. Such powerful processor and graphic accelerator coupled with high definition 1920×1200 pixels display could easily handle modern games and HD video. Next generation Kindle Fire runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system with Amazon proprietary interface. Newest Kindle Fire comes with 2 GB of RAM and front camera. The camera was missing in the previous Kindle Fire model. Depending on user requirements new Kindle Fire could come with 16/32 or 64 GB of storage. All models have built-in Wi-Fi. Some of next generation Kindle Fire models may come with 3G and LTE support.

Next Generation Kindle Fire HD specs

Kindle Fire HD current model : Next Generation Kindle Fire is coming

Kindle Fire HD current model : CURRENTLY IS ON SALE FOR $159

Kindle Fire HD new models are very similar to above mentioned next generation Kindle Fire models. They run on the same processor and operating system, have the same amount of RAM and storage. Connectivity capabilities are also the same. The differences are 8.9-inch 2560×1600 pixels display and 8 megapixels rear camera. Such additions allow Kindle Fire to compete with the current Apple iPad tablet that is the leader on tablet pc market.

Next Generation Kindle Fire : Design Change

New Kindle tablets come with the new design. The frame around the display of new Kindle Fire becomes thinner. 7-inch Kindle Fire has a frame of 1.25 cm. 8.9 Kindle Fire HD frame is reduced to 1.9 cm. Both models have significantly reduced weight, although exact figures are not available

Newest Kindle Fire vs newest Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad

Although newest Nexus 7 came with impressive hardware and operating system improvements the next generation of Kindle Fire technical details sounds much better. Kindle Fire has a huge potential to win competition in terms of technical specs and price against the latest Nexus 7. However customer preferences are often depends on other factors such as customer loyalty, product design and how well balanced device is. Apple iPad is currently the leader on the tablets market mostly because of above mentioned reasons. Apple has an army of loyal customers, impressive design of their gadgets and technically very well balanced products. Is Amazon next generation tablet able to compete with iPad? We will see it in a few months.
More detailed description of the newest Nexus 7 could be found in one of our previous posts “New Google Nexus 7 tablet – Best Gadgets 2013”.

Newest Kindle Fire: Cost and Availability

Dispute to the numerous additional technical features and improvements next generation of Kindle Fire may keep the same low price as the previous models, i.e. price tag will start from $199. Such price policy is pretty much typical for Amazon. The company makes money on selling digital content while keeping low price on their tablets. The majority of analysts expect that Amazon introduce next generation of Kindle Fire this autumn most likely at the end of September.

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New Google Nexus 7 tablet – Best Gadgets 2013


Second generation of Google Nexus 7 tablet review

Google Nexus 7 FHD Tablet | 2nd Generation - Best Gadgets Outlet

New Google Nexus 7 Full HD Tablet

Google is preparing to release the second generation of Nexus 7 tablet running on the latest version of the Android operating system. According to some rumors the gadget will be introduced on July 24th. Google sent out invitations to American journalists for presentation coming on July 24 in San Francisco. The most of analysts expect that new Nexus 7will be introduced on the press conference. However such expectations have not been confirmed. Representatives of Asus and Google do not comment the upcoming event.

Original Nexus 7 model

Original Google Nexus 7 tablet by Asus - Best Gadgets Outlet

Original Google Nexus 7 by Asus

Google released original version of Nexus 7 in June 2012. The tablet became extremely popular due to powerful hardware and low price. By the end of 2012 Google was able to sell 4.5 million Nexus 7 tablets. A lot of analysts name Google Nexus 7 as the best Android tablet of 2012. Main competitors of Nexus 7 are Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad mini.

Google Nexus 7 generation 2 technical specs

Second generation of Google Nexus 7 has been developed in collaboration with ASUS. New Nexus 7 is powered by quad-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor has 2 to 4 GB of RAM, full HD  1980×1200 px display and equipped by 1.2-megapixel front and 5-megapixel rear cameras. In comparison original Nexus 7 runs on less powerful NVidia Tegra 3 processor, has 1 GB of RAM and equipped by single front camera with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels.
In addition the new Nexus 7 will come with two speakers located on the back panel and providing better quality sound. New Nexus 7 will have 16 or 32GB of built-in storage . The networking capabilities of the tablet include Wi-Fi and 3G support.

New operating system – Android Jelly Bean features

New Nexus gadgets traditionally come with the latest Android operating system. Most likely Google will introduce a new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system together with the device running on it, i.e. new Nexus 7.
New Android operating system includes a feature that may significantly improve the battery life of Android gadgets. Operating system settings leave Wi-Fi partially enabled all the time. This feature allows to use Wi-Fi instead of energy hungry GPS for positioning whenever it possible. Also Jelly Bean supports energy-saving Bluetooth Low Energy standard. Camera app and headset Roboto have been updated for lower energy consumption.

New Google Nexus 7: Availability and Price

U.S. retailers may start receiving the gadget as early as July 20. Sales of new Nexus 7 tablet may start even this month. The estimated cost of 16 GB model of new Nexus 7 is $229. The price on 32GB model of second generation of Google Nexus 7 tablet should be around $269. There are also some expectations of price drop on the first original model of Google Nexus 7 tablet.

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ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T by Samsung | tablet or laptop ?


Tablet or laptop ?

Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T

Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T

Nowadays tablet pc become very popular. The majority of analysts predict that at some point in future tablet pc will completely replace laptops. Meanwhile some manufacturers were trying to combine the power of laptop computers with the mobility of tablet pcs. There are a few new models of such hybrid devices just appeared in the market. One them is ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T by Samsung

ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T by Samsung

ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T transformer

ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T mobile computer looks like an ultrabook but equipped by detachable keyboard that could acts just as a docking station. From other side it looks like and could act as a powerful tablet pc when the keyboard is detached. Such devices were named “transformers” because of their ability easily transform from one form to other. ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T runs under Windows 8 operating system that could be used on laptops as well as on tablet pcs.

ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T technical details

Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T

Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T

Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T is powered by Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 1.7 GHz processor. The transformer comes with 2 GB of memory, Intel HD Graphics 4000 video card and 128 GB Solid State Drive. Such powerful configuration is typical for the most modern laptops but could be rarely found in tablet pcs. ATIV Smart PC Pro comes with high quality FullHD 11.6-inch display that is quite small for laptops but is reasonably big for tablets.

ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T communications capability


Another advantage of the transformer is a broad communications capability including wireless modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G, as well as micro HDMI and USB 3.0 ports. USB 3.0 could be used for high speed connections to external SSD and/or HDD drives. Docking station with keyboard unit is also equipped by two USB-ports. However they are version 2.0 and therefor significantly slower. Proprietary stylus S-Pen is also included.

ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T Cameras


As the majority of modern high class tablets ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T is equipped by two good quality cameras: the rear 5 megapixels camera and the front 2 megapixels camera.

ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T Body


The body of ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T is made from a dark plastic. Such plastic is very sensible to scratches and definitely could not compete with aluminium on this matter.. Aluminium body undoubtedly would increase the strength of the device.

ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T Battery


Full battery charge of ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T lasts for 4 to 6 hours of intensive work. Such capability is not bad for the laptop but for sure is not enough for tablets. Modern high end tablets could run on battery for much longer time.

ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T Competitors


Transformer Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T is not the only one of its kind. For example, Acer Iconia W700 and the Asus Eee Slate B121are also using Intel Core processors and are comparable in functionality. If you are looking for a transformer it is worth to take a look on them.

Acer Iconia W700

Acer Iconia W700

ASUS Eee Slate B121-A1

ASUS Eee Slate B121-A1

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Next generation of Nexus 7 Google tablet may be introduced in July 2013


According to Reuters next generation of Nexus 7 tablet could launch at July 2013. Fist generation of Google Nexus 7 tablet has been introduced in July 2012 and nominated as a best 7-inch Android tablet by many sources.

Google Nexus 7 by ASUS current model

Google Nexus 7 by ASUS current model

The new generation of Nexus 7 will be powered by modern Qualcomm processor that outperforms quad-core Tegra 3 processor of the current model. Display resolution is expected to be higher than 1280×800 pixels. Design of the tablet is also going to change: the frame around the display will be thinner.
Google is going to keep ASUS as the manufacturer of the new Nexus 7 tablet. While exact price of the device is unknown the most of analysts expect the range between $149 to $199 for new Nexus 7. They also expect a price drop for the existing model of Nexus 7.
During the second half of 2013 Google expects to sell 6.8 million of new Nexus 7. Sales of the first generation of Nexus 7 for the period between July and December 2012 were 4.6 million units.
The first version of Google Nexus 7 tablet was presented in June 2012. The price of the device is $199 for the 16-gigabyte model and $249 for a 32-gigabyte. Main competitors of Nexus 7 are Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Apple iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.
Nexus is a Google trademark for smartphones and tablets developed by Google but manufactured in collaboration with third-party vendors such as Asus, HTC and Samsung. Nexus devices are always running on the latest release of Android operating system developed by Google.

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Best 7-inch Android tablets review


Google Nexus 7 : Best 7-inch Android tablet

Google Nexus 7 : Best 7-inch Android tablet

Best 7-inch Android tablets

Google Nexus 7

Nomination:  The Best 7-inch Android Tablet


Processor: quad-core Tegra 3 1.3GHz
Internal Storage 8/16/32GB – Not expandable
Size of the display: 7 inch
Resolution: 1280x800px
Camera: 1.3 mpx frontal
Price: $199-$249

Google Nexus 7 is the best 7-inch Android tabletso far . Attractive design, reasonable price, latest technology features and growing popularity of Android platform are key factors of Nexus 7 success.

Google Nexus 7 - Best 7-inch Android Tablet

Google Nexus 7 - Best 7-inch Android Tablet

According to multiple internet sources Google and ASUS are going to introduce a new generation of Nexus 7 tablets in May 2013. The second generation of Nexus 7 may come with better FullHD display and new hardware platform. Google and ASUS may choose Qualcomm chipset for powering of the new Nexus 7. Currenty Nexus 7 runs on quad-core Tegra 3 processor. However Tegra 4 platform is not ready yet and may not become available in time. But fortunately there are alternatives from Qualcomm providing better performance than current Tegra chipset. Most likely second generation of Nexus 7 may run on one of quad-core Qualcomm processor.

Google and ASUS are working on the newNexus 7 model and we are pretty sure that regardless of the platform second generation of Google Nexus 7 has a huge chance to be at least as popular as the first generation of the tablet.

Some analysts believe that Google and ASUS could sell up to 10 million Nexus 7 tablets in 2013. Such number is not very impressive for Apple gadgets but very good for competitive Android tablets market. The price of the gadget should not change and expected in the range $199-$249 for 16/32GB models. Keeping the low price,  providing the latest operating system  and improving technical specification of Google Nexus 7 could be key factors  for successful  sales of the device.

To be continued …

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