Mophie Space Pack case review

Mophie Juice Pack vs Mophie Space Pack

Mophie Juice Pack Plus External Battery Case for iPhone 5

A Few says ago Mophie introduced Mophie Case – the newest Space Pack protective case for iPhone 5/5S.  Mophie is a well-known manufacturer of accessories for gadgets.  The main focus of the company is development of accessories for Apple mobile devices.  The new model is similar to the previous Mophie Juice Pack case for iPhone 5 but comes with built-in 16/32 GB flash memory in addition to the rechargeable battery. Mophie Space Pack protects the body of iPhone from damages, scratches, shock and dust as well as provides power bank for charging of the device and expand the internal memory.

Design and technical Specs

Mophie Space Pack – a lightweight, compact and durable polymer case for Apple iPhone 5/5S. It has been designed to protect iPhone and exactly fit all lines and curves of the device while minimally increasing the weight. At the same time Mophie Space Pack significantly improves battery life and extends the built-in iPhone memory.

Mophie Space Pack comes in black and white colours. Control button and charge level LED indicators are located on the back of the case.

Mophie Space Pack battery has capacity of 1700 mAh , while iPhone 5 battery capacity is 1440 mAh and iPhone 5s  battery capacity is  1560 mAh.

Mophie Space Pack expands iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s memory for additional 16 or 32 GB. Access to additional memory provided by special program via built-in Wi-Fi adapter. The program developed by Mophie and utilizes proprietary Apple AirPlay and AirDrop technologies. It could be downloaded for free from Apple AppStore .

Mophie Space Pack Certification

Mophie Space Pack has been tested in laboratories and certified by Apple.

Mophie Space Pack price and availability

Mophie Space Pack estimated price is $149/179 dollars for a 16/32 GB models respectively. The case should be available in March 2014.