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MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader review


MobileLite WIRELESS introduction

MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader for Smartphones and Tablets by Kingston

MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader for Smartphones and Tablets by Kingston

MobileLite WIRELESS card reader was introduced by Kingston in August 2013. MobllrLite was designed to work with mobile devices running under iOS and Android operating systems.  In addition to wireless access to files kept in various SD cards and external USB hard drivesKingston MobileLite provides a range of other useful functions.

MobileLite features

  • Kingston MobileLite Wireless comes with built-in battery. The battery is capable for powering the device as well as works as a power bank and external battery charger that could be used for charging mobile devices while away from power outlets. The battery is powerful enough for charging modern smartphones but does not have enough capacity for full charge of tablets. Integrated Lithium – Polymer Battery has capacity of 1800 mAh that is enough for 5h of work of the device.
  • Mobile Lite has built-in card reader that supports various modern standards of memory cards such as SD, SDHC and SDXC  as well as microSD  via included adapter.
  • Mobile Lite works as a simple wireless router/bridge providing wireless connectivity to memory cards and/or usb storage for up to 3 users at a time.  MobileLite Wireless allows to download movies and music to iOS device bypassing Apple iTunes. Kingston developed special MobileLite software that is used for downloading and playing movies and music as well as copying them over to tablets or smartphones.  Finally iOS users got the device that helps extend available storage via wireless connectivity.
  • Kingston MobileLite could be used as a 802.11n access point providing 150 Mbit/s wireless connectivity and serving up to 3 connections on the frequency of 2.4GHz. All communications could be encrypted using WPA2 encryption standard. Please notice that encryption is disabled by default but may be easily enabled via provided web interface.

MobileLite Design

MobileLite Wireless acting as power bank

MobileLite Wireless acting as power bank

MobileLite Wireless sizes are 124.8 x 59.9 x 17.3 mm that is close to the size of the average smartphone.  The weight of the device is only 100 grams. Such light weight and compact sizes make device extremely portable and convenient for frequent travellers.

Mobile Lite body is made from high quality plastic and consists of two parts with different colors, The front panel on the top of the body has a black colour and comes with manufacturer logo. There are USB and mictoUSB connectors on the panel. They are used for charging of MobileLite and smartphones as well as connectors to USB hard drives and/or memory cards.

In addition to the on/off switch there are three LED indicators on the side of the device. First LED is related to the power of the device and other two are indicating the activity of the wireless network and internet access respectively. Built-in slot for SD cards is located on the back side of the device.

MobileLite review Summary

Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader for Smartphones and Tablets  could be useful for Apple iOS and Android  mobile gadgets owners that would like to expand existing available storage by connecting external hard drives and SD cards via wireless network. Provided functionality allows sharing of multimedia files including movies and music stored on external storage between a few users. Due to the lightweight, portability, built-in power bank and low price MobileLite could become popular among frequent travellers.

MobileLite price and availability

Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader for Smartphones and Tablets is available in the most of electronics stores. The price may vary between $40 and $60. Current amazon price of the device is $43.99

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Most compact SSD drive – Samsung 840 EVO mSata 1TB


Most compact SSD drive mSATA 1TB

Samsung just introduced the new 1 TB Solid State Drive.

Most compact SSD drive - Samsung 840 EVO mSata 1TB

Most compact SSD drive - Samsung 840 EVO mSata 1TB

This is the most compact terabyte SSD drive with SATA interface in the market as of today. The latest Samsung SSD drive represents 840 EVO- series line of products.

Most compact SSD drive: Technical Details

Samsung 840 EVO-Series 1TB 2.5-Inch SATA III Solid State Drive

Samsung 840 EVO-Series 1TB 2.5-Inch SATA III Solid State Drive

840 EVO 1TB SSD drive comes in 1.8 inch from factor mSATA. All other terabyte SSD-drives currently have a size of 2.5 inches or more. Thickness of the drive is 3.85 millimetres and the weight is 8.5 grams.
Performance of Samsung 840 EVO SSD 1 TB 1.8-inch drive is the same as 2.5 inch drive of the same Samsung 840 EVO series and capacity. Device could read and write data as fast as 540 and 520 megabytes per second respectively.
There are plans to release other SSD drives of 840 EVO series with the same compact 1.8 inch form factor but different capacity of 120 , 250 and 500 GB.
mini-Serial ATA (mSata) form factor was introduced in 2009. mSATA drives were developed for compact devices such as ultrabooks and laptops. The manufacturer hopes that device could become quite popular due to the size and good performance.

Most compact SSD drive : Price and availability

Most compact ssd drive of 1TB capacity should be available in stores before the end of the year. The final price on the device is not known yet. However some analysts expect that the price should be just slightly higher than prices on devices of the same series and capacity but 2.5-inch form factor.

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High Capacity Power Bank Chargers: External Battery Pack


Limeade Blast – high capacity power bank chargers

External Battery Pack (Limeade Blast L180X

External Battery Pack 18000mAh (Limeade Blast L180X)

Limade Blast family of high capacity power bank chargers was developed by small team of developers that launch successful project on one of the crowd funding resource. The team was able to get financial support of 280 thousand dollars vs to planned 30 thousand. Limeade Blast high capacity power bank charges quickly become popular. Limeade Blast external battery pack series seems to be among the best in the market competing with such brands as Anker Astro and PowerGen .

Limeade Blast: series of external battery packs

The series are presented by three models of high capacity power bank chargers that differ in battery capacity. There are 13000 mAh , 15600 mAh and 18000 mAh models that have similar design and features. Compact external charger L180X Limeade Blast has the largest capacity but relatively high price. The best in terms of capacity/price is 15600 mAh model L156 that could by twice cheaper than L180X. The reason of such price policy is competition. There is not much competition on external battery packs with capacity over 16000 mAh. On other hand there are a lot of products such as Anker Astro and Powergen batteries that are in the range of 10000-16000 mAh.

Limeade Blast high capacity power bank: technical specifications

(Limeade Blast L180X power bank

(Limeade Blast L180X power bank

Limade Blast models come with 2-in-1 Micro USB to 30-pin Apple Adapter Cable. Limade Blast has built-in 2 USB connectors for simultaneously charging two gadgets. One of the USB connectors provides 1A output and should be used for charging small devices such as smartphone s. The other provides 2.1A and could be used for charging tablets. 4 LEDs will notify the owner of the charge level of the device. Also, the device is equipped with a mechanism to protect the battery pack after a full charge.
The manufacturer claims that 2A output can significantly reduce the charging time. Fast charging time is a great advantage of LimeadeBlast compared to other brands. LimeadeBlast high capacity chargers are good for normal everyday usage within the city, and for hiking and traveling. Rubberized body of external battery pack is resistant to slipping, scratches and abrasions. There is a a small flashlight on the side of the device that could be usefull during the dark time.

Weight of L156X model is 364 grams and dimensions are 124 x 79 x 24 mm. In order to charge the device to the full capacity it needs to be plugged in for 9 hours to the power source.

To be continued …

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